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Your curiousity gets the better of you, so you proceed to wander a bit aimlessly towards the Pack 's territory. It's not long before you're confronted by a male Azama Spirit. He's dark in coloration, almost pure black, with some areas of gray fur almostly randomly placed throughout his body. His ears are both silver-backed, and in the right ear he has two earrings while he has none in the other ear. His eyes are almost a shock to you - they're an electric blue.

He comes to a quick stop only inches away from you, "Realm Walker," he drawls, "Welcome to the Pack Territory. I am Alignak, Alpha male of the current pack - The Pack of the Rushed Eclipse. If you'll come with me I'll introduce you to the other members of the Pack, but I warn you - if you dare to try and take any of us away we won't hesitate to maul you to death. With that said, please, follow me."

He turns to his right and begins to lead you towards the almost jurassic forest just

Alpha Male
Pack of the Rushed Eclipse.

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