Battle Prides is a cyberpet adoption site that's been running since 2001. The adoptables gained here are the
traditional cyberpets of that time, where uniquely drawn creatures are adopted by people and displayed on their
own websites. The ownership of the images, designs, and creatures remains with Battle Prides and the
images/designs cannot be used on other adoptables websites, or traded away to others.

If you're new to Battle Prides, here are the main rules to follow:

1 - You must have a working website, where you'll be able to display the image and information on your Battle
Prides adoptable creature. Yahoo Groups, Livejournal, MSN Groups, DeviantArt, Facebook, Dreamwidth, and
other blog-specific sites do not count as websites.

2 - You must provide a visible link back to Battle Prides. (

3 - Please do not edit, redistribute, or alter the cyberpets you receive in any way. Permission is only given for
headshots that are used in Prides/Packs/other groups.

4 - Please respect artists, and do not use or display knowingly stolen or uncredited images on your website.

5 - All Battle Prides adoptables are uniquely drawn, coloured, and e-mailed to the adopters who win them in a
draw. They are not clipart, so please do not save or display other people's adoptables on your website.

6- To enter a drawing for a Battle Prides adoptable you will need a Livejournal account, and then become a
member of the Raveen_LJ Community. Membership is moderated, and to keep spambots from posting in the
community all draws and non-public posts are locked to members-only.  

7 - Be kind to others in the Battle Prides community. We like to maintain a peaceful culture here, and we do
not tolerate prejudices, hatred, or dickish behaviour towards one another. If you're writing/RPing something
that has potentially triggering topics involved, please clearly label and warn for it ahead of time.

8 - Once you're an active adopter it is your responsibility to keep GryphonIce aprised of any changes in URLs
of your adopted creatures. If your pages stop working for three months in a row, and no new URL is sent in,
the adoptable will be considered Abandoned.

If you've read these rules and are a new adopter to the community, please be sure to end your forms with a
clearly displayed "!" following your form. This shows that you've read and understood the rules.  Once you're
an active adopter (someone who already owns a BP adoptable), you can stop signing your forms this way. It's
mainly just a check to make sure new adopters know the rules <3
Copyright Information
Battle Prides is Copyright Alicia Brons, 2001 - Beyond.
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