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Inner Dimensionals  Water Types

- Light to pale blue, or dark blue with silver, white or darker blue markings.
Water Kats can breathe underwater, and are natural born swimmers. Prefer to live near

Tide - Light to pale blue, or dark blue with black, gold or yellow markings. Like a Water
Kat they can also breathe underwater, and are exceptional swimmers. Prefer coastlines.

Reflection - Born without any destinct coloring, Reflection Kats take on the coloring
and attributes of the first marine creature they come across. Tend to have fins, and
sometimes scales. Can breathe underwater.

Rain - Grey, white, blue and silver with dark blue markings. As a Rain Kat is often born
to a Water and a Cloud Kat they can be born with or without wings. Considered a pure
Water Element. Prefer mountain habitats.

Hail - Dark blue with white misty markings. Their paws can sometimes be color
blue-green, and their eyes can either be pale blue or white. Can be born with or without
wings. A Hail Kat is a rare element that can only come about if it's given birth during a
hail storm. The parents, who must be pure Rain Kats, will have no control over the
unborn cub's shift in elements. Weather-Linked Element - Extremely Rare.

Mist - Pale white-blue in coloring, their bodies are made of mist and cannot be harmed.
Able to change from a solid corporeal form to mist at will, these Kats are often hard to
spot. Before the Dezamlin Plague the Mist Element was overly common, but now there
are only three in existence. Survived Element - Extremely Rare.

Ice - White with blue stripe markings. Capable of turning anything they touch in to ice,
it's no wonder that Ice Kats were the most feared Water Element. With their cold flesh,
and ice-water blood the Ice Kat's breathe is akin to mist. After the Dimension Wars this
element was also all but wipped out, with the only survivor of the Wars being the only
Ice Kat still alive - Magic. Keeper Element - Extremely Rare.

Water Subelements Which Are Not Pure (Mix-Pure Elements):

Oil - Dark blue, dark purple, or dark teal-hues with black tones. Black markings that
look like oil-slicks. Tend to have black eyes, and can have fins over their shoulder blades
or other areas of their body. Extended-Only Element - Extremely Rare.
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