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Azama Spirits

*Please note that this Pack is a Pairs-Only Pack.
Watchers of the world, Sentinels of the Woods.
Pack of the Spirit Sentinels is accepting Pairs into
their ranks. The only thing we ask is that those
seeking to join not be the type to judge based on
the differences of others, and also that they're not
destructive/evil-aligned individuals. This Pack is
Viral-friendly, but the pairs are not required to have
a Viral in them.

To join send the names/URLs of the Pair to

Braxis x Aeglosheryn


Tewyl x Varesh
Braxis - Aeglosheryn
Alpha Pair
GryphonIce - Sera
Tewyl - Varesh
Beta Pair
Lividie - GryphonIce