The Winds of Nascence are a global phenomena unique to Ice Plains. Each year in the months following the
Eclipse, the world is flooded with a pulse of overflowing magic known as the Winds. They seek out and infuse
their power into living vessels who are given the excess magic to contain.

This has always led to a life and calling as a Gifted, but something has changed in the Winds. Those born
beneath their touch were given the powers that would normally be found in a Gifted, but they lacked the
Calling. There were no Nameless Ones that arrived to take them away for training; no abundance of magic
threatening to destroy them from within.

Touched by the Winds of Nascence, but not Gifted.

There was no overflow of magic from their souls, but something about them had been altered. Their Auras
were different; visible to those with Aura Sight as halos of bright light being pulled toward them, instead of
glowing and stretching outward. Siphons instead of beacons.

As cubs these individuals appeared the same as others of their species. Young, clumsy, and new to the
world in all the ways cubs are. There was nothing that spoke of danger, nothing of warning - but the cubs
wouldn't eat as much as they should. Wouldn't drink as much as they should. They were always hungry,
always thirsty, but the sustenance they were given never satisfied.

They started to dream of a solitary tree. Sometimes it appeared atop a frozen moutainscape, other times it
grew in the ruins of a scorched valley. Always alone, with nothing growing around it, or from it. An ancient
tree that felt like it was starving.

Though the tree was always alone, the dreamer could approach it and add their own presence to the lonely
scape. They could reach out and touch its bark, feeling the pulse of life beneath it. In return, the tree would
Sing to them. Soft, cresting waves of music sung in a chorus of voices, languages, and instruments. As they
continued to dream of the tree, the songs began to meet them upon slipping into the embrace of sleep. A
comforting verse that warded them against nightmares, and always drew them back to the tree.

As the cubs aged it was not just the Song or melodies that changed as well. Cubhood gave way to the growth
of teenagers, and the magic within them sparked into life. It manifested in a hum beneath their fur, that grew
and grew until magic surrounding the teen burst into visible coils of spiralling magic - that twisted and danced
as they were drawn toward the teen, with audible music reaching a high crescendo of voices as the magic
flowed into and out of their veins.

They each lost consciousness in that moment; wherever they were, whatever they'd been up to before,
suddenly it mattered not.

The tree greeted them, but it was different for each of them. The dreamscape around the tree was changed
to reflect the elemental Dominion that had chosen the teen.

Lush green magics poured over a thriving glade where the tree now grew within it's center. (Earth)
Sparkling blue magics rippled and glowed in a lake surrounding the tree. (Water)
Hot coals of lava rock and warmth suffused a sunrise-softened mountain glade. (Fire)
Rolling storms flashed overhead while wind blew and rattled against the branches. (Air)

Though the dreamscape was now unique for each of them, the tree shared one last similarity. A single fruit
grew upon the lowest branch of the tree, and fell from it's grasp the moment the teen took note of it. It fell
upon the ground, gently rolling over to the dreamer - and shifted from the visage of a fruit into the form of a
glowing magical Seed.

When the dreamer awoke, the Seed was within their paws in the waking world.

The Seed gives them the power to channel the Dominion that has chosen them, but it also feeds off the
magic of that same Dominion. Whenever Magics, Powers, or Abilities are used around them that fall into their
Dominion, those Magics/Powers/Abilities are harmlessly (and completely) absorbed into the Seed. The
magics do not do what their original caster wants them to do, as they're fed to the Seed the instant they
manifest into being.

When their Seed first absorbs magic is also the first time the teens will ever feel full. Through this discovery
they will come to learn that they do not need traditional food or water - they are sustained by the magic of
their Dominion, and must feed upon it. Once the magic is tasted, no other sustenance will be able to keep
them alive, and they will require the magic to continue living.  (They cannot feast on their own magic, and
must find outside sources of it.)

The Seeds can only be physically touched by their chosen wielder. If anyone else tries to touch it, their touch
will simply pass right through it as if the Seed is not actually corporeal at all.

Adults now, these individuals - these Collectors - have had their Seeds for a months time. As they fed on
magic, they sped up their own growth cycle, reducing their time as teens to weeks instead of months. Since
reaching adulthood, their growth has apparently returned to a normal rate.

Reference: (Magics include Magic Spells, Divine Spells, Slayer Magics and Abilities)
Below is a listing of the types of magics/abilities that will be absorbed by a Seed. A Seed can only absorb
("eat") the magics of its own Dominion.

Earth Dominion:  Terramancy, Terrakinesis, Magics that alter/change earth (ground), Magics that change the
properties of stone or metals, Plant Magics(growing/altering/controlling plantlife).

Water Dominion: Hydromancy, Hydrokinesis, Cryomancy, Cryokinesis, Magics that alter/change the
properties of water or ice (vaporizing or turning water into steam, solidifying water, freezing it), Temperature
Dropping/Magics that make areas colder.

Fire Dominion: Pyromancy, Pyrokinesis, Magics that alter/change the properties of Flames (Demon Flames,
Spirit Flames, Ice Flames, Purifying Flames, etc), Magics that create fiery explosions.

Air Dominion: Aeromancy, Aerokinesis, Electromancy, Electrokinesis, Storm Creation and Control Magics,
Wind Manipulating magics, or Magics that infuse wind with magical properties.

Light Dominion: Light Creation Magics, Light Manipulation Magics, Illusion magics (and powers), Magics that
bend light or alter the spectrum of sight, Invisibility magics.

Dark Dominion: Shadowmancy, Shadowkinesis, Shadow Creation and Manipulating Magics, Moonlight or
Night-specific Magics or abilities (night invulnerabilities).

Spirit Dominion: Healing Magics, Korathu Essence, Soul Creation and Manipulating Magics, Seer Visions,
Soul-Reading or Soul-linking Magic.

Death Dominion: Death Magics, Curses of the Blood and Life, Necromancy, Undeads, Resurrections.