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Timelines diverge in many ways - some seemingly impossibly large forks in the roads, while others only
diverge over a single moment. Time Mages used to be able to see the different timelines that existed. They
could reach out to them, and sometimes, interact with them. But visiting an alternate timeline, or affecting it
in any way, was something beyond even them.

The timelines existed separately. Never to meet, never to know of the others.

But, sometimes, mistakes happen.

And sometimes, the unlucky can fall through the cracks between time and find themselves trapped in an
universe not their own.
All Worlds were a peaceful universe, where war had only happened once so long ago that it was often
forgotten about entirely. The stories of that time were lost through the generations, and only a lingering
understanding of history persisted. Once All Worlds were fragmented, the Pantheon fell, but they swiftly
rose again and took back what was stolen.

It's not known how long the stolen fragments were gone. Historians can't agree on the issue, but it's
generally accepted that the fragmented pieces were gone for less than three-hundred years before they
were restored. It didn't leave enough of lasting effect to linger in the minds of future generations, so most
were comfortable with forgetting.

In a galaxy called the Fragment Stars, ten planets exist where Elements live that are unlike those found
throughout the rest of All Worlds. They live on worlds that don't have Eternals, and only leave their galaxy
when they seek to trade with the Traverseway markets. They're not isolated or exiled, it's simply that their
own ten worlds provide such opportunity that they've become "homebodies".
The Fragment Stars system is said to be the piece that was stolen from the Astralis. The pieces were
brought back to All Worlds, and turned into a galaxy of their own. The life that existed there was welcome to
survive, as they were not responsible for what was done. Though the secret has largely been forgotten,
and very few remember why their home system is called the Fragment.

While these ten worlds hold Elements that can - in a different timeline - be found in certain Dimensions,
they are not affiliated or overseen by those Dimension's Pantheons or histories. In fact, they've never
heard of these "Dimensions" or other Gods before. There are no Dimensional rifts or bad blood here.

Travel between the worlds in the Fragment Stars is open and free. Everyone works to keep the system
running prosperously, and they even host their own market on Losvoya - the largest planet in their system,
which holds their Traverse Bridge (which allows travel to and from other galaxies).
Those who grew up in the Fragment Stars sometimes yearn for adventure that can't be found in the safety
of their own worlds. Called to a sense of wonder, they seek to challenge themselves and set out amongst
the galaxies to find something to occupy their minds. One thing that often catches their intrigue is the
calling of the Raiders - groups of individuals who deep-dive into the Expanse (a stretch of space filled with
uninhabited or abandoned planets) to find buried treasures.

It's a profitable, and dangerous, business.

For those who grow up knowing nothing but safety, it's a hook they can't turn away from.

Raiders can be from any galaxy in All Worlds, but they all end up reporting back to the Markets - a
gathering a trade routes that offers bounties for things found and brought back from the Expanse.

Your Kat was one such Fragment-born who chased adventure. Joining a group of like-minded Fragments,
they created a crew of Raiders and set out to the far reaches of the Expanse. They worked well together,
and their crew grew larger with each passing year they were successful. Bringing back pocket-realms full of
artifacts and treasure, they were among the most profitable Raider groups.

During their latest excursion to the Expanse, a group of seven Fragments had discovered a buried temple
ruin. Stockpiling the treasures for transfer, most were focusing on their collecting when a small scuffle
broke out.

[Mage/Enigma Male] was goofing around with an artifact, one which looked like an already broken obsidian
orb. Complaining about how it would be worthless, he was weighing whether to smash it or just bring it back
to the Markets for kicks. Exasperated, Chorus had tried to get him back to task, and a couple others had
also stepped in. Frustrated with being ganged up on when he was trying to make light of the broken object,
he threw it down on the ground - where it exploded into millions of fragments and seemingly slowed time for
everyone in the room.

They had a few moments to feel wonder, before fear began to flood their veins. The world started to shift
around them, blurring to darkness, and they were tossed out amongst the stars. Struggling to breathe,
many lost consciousness from panic before they could realize they didn't need air just then.

Obsidian fragments glisten in the expanse around them, then all at once, the fragments turned to dust and
the world came back into sharp focus.

Only it wasn't the world they were in. It wasn't the buried temple, filled with their latest loot.

It was an area in The Valleys, on a world called the Ice Plains, in a Dimension they've never heard of.

It didn't take them long to figure out that they weren't in All Worlds anymore. That something had gone
seriously, seriously, wrong.

And their only way back was lost to dust.
Tidbits of important information about the world/Timeline they came from:

-No Dimensions. Only All Worlds/The Astralis existed.

-The Astralis Pantheon existed there, but most of them only had interaction/knowledge of the Overseer
(Alum'Su), who was responsible for watching over the Fragment Stars.

-Dartuusa, Orcle, Doviuun, Rekshanuu, Le'Asha, Ciohd, Heiroke, Nemari, Nilerna, etc did not exist/were not

-The Rishta Sphere was separated when the fragments were originally stolen, but was put back together
when the fragments were reclaimed. The Pure/The Neutral/The Great Evil do not exist.

-Aggressor Demons do not exist. Demon Corrupts do not exist. Plague Corrupts do not exist. (Corrupted
Mages do not exist. Death Mages do not exist.)

-Natural Demons only exist in their realm, and keep separate from everyone else/are not known about.

-Merkanlos, Krye, Bameizu, and Soals do not exist.

-Elements are not separated by Dimensions/Gods, and are instead all part of the Fragment Star

-Outer Dimensional Elements do not exist, but Graeph do. Graeph were often a dangerous encounter in
the Expanse, as they thrived in the abandoned zones.

-Void Elements do not exist.

-Enigma exists, but no other Hate Elements do. (How

-Azama/Coraz Spirits exist on one of the planets in the Fragment Stars system, but they're very different
from their alt-counterpart. More territorial, and less friendly.

-No Eclipse. No Eclipse curse. CotO/WoRs never happened.

-No Gates. No Guardians. No Ice Plains, but one of the planets was named Elemarenita.

-Power, Belief, Plague, and Abyss Elements did not exist in the Fragment Stars, but could be found in other
places in All Worlds. Orias Numas, Bukariens, and Nybluds could also be found in other areas, but not in
the Fragment Stars.

-Shades did not exist.

-Angelics did, but only in certain planets in the Astralis. Unlikely any of these Kats met any.

All Raiders wore "Compasses" which allowed for them to travel along uncharted Traverseway points, and
gave them the ability to always find their way back home and locate/find others of their crew (in case of
cave-ins or messed up teleportations). Bundled together with a lifeline brace, it also kept track of their vitals
and kept them aware of their own families/blood relatives locations and health.

It can't take them back to their now lost Timeline, but it can sense the location of their genetic relatives. At
least, this timeline's version of them...