Bameizu are natives of the Inner Dimension, but descended from the Planetary Dimension
Bameizu can interbreed with other Bameizu, Varishi, and Raveens.

Born under the Sun or Moon, Bameizu are dragon-feline mixes that can take more after
their feline or dragon genes depending on their bloodlines. The most common of the
Bameizu are white-furred, with pale blue scales hidden beneath translucent fur, but there
are also those born with golden-hued scales and darker fur colorations. The scales vary
depending on when the Bameizu is born -- what bloodline it descends from, and the time
of day it opens it eyes for it's first time.

Those of the Sun have golden scales, those of the Moon have icy-blue scales. It may be
because of this trait that the Bameizu are viewed by many as the creatures of balance; the
yin and yang between the Sun and Moon. One viewed as fire, the other as ice. They
compliment each other in every way, yet they bat heads just as well.

Bameizu can, as stated, either be a mixture of dragonic and feline traits, or take more after
one side of their genetic makeup. Most Bameizu Hybrids (usually between
Bameizu/Raveens) will often times appear more like those they're halfbloods of, instead of
like a mix between the two species.

Female Bameizus carry the trait of Spirit Essence Claws. These are deadly claws which
can not only cause physical harm to enemies, and prey, but also damage the soul and
drain energy.

Some Bameizu are born with wings that are small, but have the power to enlarge their
wings to full flight-capability at a moment's breath. They are never tied to the ground or
the air, but always a perfect mixture of both -- for they are neither feline nor dragon and
not tied to the ways of either species.

Those of the Sun are always warm to the touch; likewise those of the Moon are always
cold to the touch. Suns are perfectly able to manipulate Light and control Pyromancy to
extreme levels. Those of the Moon are able to manipulate Darkness and control
Cryomancy to deadly levels. It's said that a Bameizu harnesses such immense control over
their powers that they can easily evaporate/freeze the blood in an enemies veins before
they even realize it's happened.

Bameizu take Mates, and devote themselves whole-heartedly to the individual they choose
as their Life-Mate. They are not the type of creatures to take on multiple mates, as
Bameizus can actually attach themselves heart and soul to their Life-Mates (allowing for
them to hold a telepathic/soul-connection with their intended which only breaks upon

Their groups are called Imperials, and rankings are similar to those of Raveen Prides.
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