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                      Coraz Spirits are native to the Inner Dimension
                                Coraz Spirits can interbreed with Coraz and Azama Spirits

  Coraz Spirits are the counter-balance to the Azama Spirits, and natives of the Inner
Dimension. They are embodiments of the rage of the Earthen Spirits, but they are not
evil beings. They were once Azama Spirits, but have evolved to become their own
individual race in the long run.

 One can tell a Coraz and Azama apart by simply looking at them, as their physical
differences are quite hard to miss. Coraz Spirits are smaller in build, and have more
canine characteristics than Azamas do. They have smaller ears, smaller paws, and
generally have builds that are catering more towards speed than physical strength.
Coraz Spirits evolved to survive on their own, away from a Homeland they were
banished from eons past. They had to be quick on their paws to outrun dangerous
creatures in the Raveen world, but that evolutionary trait now serves to make them
dangerous hunters in their own rite. For Coraz Spirits are hard to outrun.

 While the truth behind the banishment of the first Coraz Spirits is never fully
explained, by either Coraz or Azamas, it still remains a sore point between the two
species. Some say that the Coraz were banished because they lacked inhibitions in
using the Earth Spirits around them, and were on a path to corruption. Others say the
Coraz were not banished by the Spirits, but by the fear of the Azamas who were never
any good at understanding the darker sides of the Earth Spirits.

 Where Azamas enjoy the health and prosperity of the earth below their paws, the
Coraz see very little beauty in it. To them it's a tool to be used, and when they have
the need for it, a Coraz will take energies from nearby Spirits (be they of Tree, Cloud,
or River variety) to increase their own potentials, without any second thought. And, for
reasons the Azamas cannot understand, the Spirits do not punish the Coraz for this.

 It may simply be that the Coraz and the Azama are more alike than they care to admit
-- but as much as they are alike, they are also mirrors of one another. One the
caretaker, the other the fighter. Both equal in the eyes of the Spirits.

 Coraz Spirits have the same earth manipulating potential as Azama Spirits have.
They can grow/manipulate/create earthern elements to their hearts content, and can
draw strength from the nearby spirits of plantlife. They are, however, more likely to use
their magics in more destructive ways than the Azamas would ever dream of.

 For the Coraz are the rage of the Earthern Spirits.

 They form Packs, usually Open, but sometimes Pairs-Only.  Open Packs must have
the females always outnumbering the males, and can have no more than 3 males/4
females in a Pack (seven total members).  Pair Packs can have up to six pairs.