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Krye are © Alicia Brons
                                        Natives of the Inner Dimension
                                    Krye can interbreed with other Kryes or Raveen Kats

Krye are the masters of the sky and air. Legends say that where the Merkanlos were
Raveens who evolved to survive in the deep seas, Krye were Raveens who evolved to rule
the skies. It's said the first Krye was a high magic user, and was gifted with his powers by
the Lower God Kuunanrah. They were so blessed that unlike other species the Krye could
enter the holy fields known as the Cursial Dunes -- an area where the Gods themselves
could scarcely enter because the magics there were nothing less than chaos.

The Cursial Dunes are now akin to a homeland for the Krye. Since the land is naturally
protected by the always-active magics there, not many dangers can enter it. In fact the
only creatures that can enter the Cursial Dunes without dying within a short span of
minutes are the Krye. And they rarely, if ever, fight amongst themselves. For unlike their
Raveene brethren they do not desire war and bloodshed to such extremes as to turn
against their own kind.

Kryes always have avian forelegs, and wings that carry one eye atop each. These eyes
were an evolutionary advancement created for the survival of the Krye. Due to the nature
of some of the species that can survive in the Cursial Dunes (noteably, the Cresaors;
natural predators of the Krye who are massive avian serpents) are hunters of the skies.
Since food rarely lurks on the ground there, hunters are always forced to enter the air for

The eyes on their wings allow for the Kryes to see the sky above them at all times; a
defense against sky hailing predators who would usually attack from higher altitudes.
These eyes can come in any colour; and are very hard to wound as the area around them
is protective by a static-like field of energy. When a Krye loses a wing-eye they're usually
at a great disadvantage while in the air, so they'll never put their wings at risk in battles (by
using them as shields, etc) unless absolutely necessary.

They can carry most any avian-like genes, including feather-infused fur, half-beaks,
feathered cheeks, crests, all four avian legs, feathered tails, and long trail wing-feathers.
By looking at a Raveen and a Krye it's easy to tell them apart --- Kryes have a slightly
different facial structure, avian forelegs, and odd eye-wings. They also always have a
spade-tip tail, and sometimes have  glowing markings that are marks of High Magic.

Krye are masters of the air, and where the Merkanlos can control water, the Krye can
control air. However they can't control it to extremes like turning wind into blades, or
anything of the like, without the added aid of High Magic. They can only alter wind to
natural extents. Meaning they can increase wind speed to cause damage, alter the
temperature of air, and even make it so air is impossible to pull into one's lungs because of
the wind shifting too much.

Most of the time Krye are viewed as cold, calculating, individuals because they don't
always get involved in issues; even if they play out right in front of them. They tend not to
care too much about other species; having grown up isolated in their Cursial Dunes and
not been subjected too thoroughly to the ways of the world.

Kryes can become Slayers, and are a part of the Alliance. They are also inter-breedable
with Raveens.

 They form groups called "Eeries" which can be made up of Pairs, or it can be an Open
Eerie. However, when a Krye takes a mate they do so with the uptmost delligence and
would never leave their mate.