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Merkanlos are © Alicia Brons
                                   Merkanlos are natives of the Inner Dimension
Merkanlos can interbreed with other Merkanlos or Raveen Kats

In the depths of the oceans within the Ice Plains lurks a species that had once been Raveens. It's been
so long that no one really remembers exactly how the Merkanlos came into being. But the myths
among the Merkanlos claim that one day a group of Raveens were swallowed by the ocean. Some say
it was because of a curse that they became unable to leave the water -- others say it was a blessing,
and that the first Merkanlos were Raveens who loved the water too much.

These days Merkanlos thrive in the deepest areas of the oceans, at such depths only Brine Kats are
able to reach them without dying from the water pressure. Merkanlos can breathe both above and
under the water; and aren't limited to the waters anymore. However some Merkanlos are so heavily
made for marine life that they have no reason to ever leave the waters they call home.

They generally only appear in varying shades of green, but can have any type of fins growing on their
bodies. Their claws are always webbed, and they have gills on their faces to allow for underwater
breathing. Merkanlos can have kelp-manes, or tentacles in the place of manes, if they have any manes
at all. Most just have several sets of fins running down their necks.  

Their hides are made of a thick whale-like material, which makes it harder for land-dwelling creatures
to cause them harm.

Merkanlos can mindspeak; and often times use mindspeech to communicate with others over actual
spoken words. They can communicate to others of their species through echoes and chime-like noises
while under water. Sometimes when a Merkanlos actually speaks through their vocal chords it can
sound as if they're talking through water, as if their voice is drowning.

They are masters of water; naturally able to control hydromancy powers and alter water-based
materials. When submerged in water, a Merkanlos can even turn their body invisible - camouflaging
themselves completely from predators or enemies. Their invisibility, however, is limited and they must
stay perfectly still in order for it to uphold. If they move, the invisibility drops.

Merkanlos also have powers that vary on an individual basis. These are tied to the white Spell-Marks
on their bodies, and are often times the points of attacks by other creatures (whom seem to think
destroying the markings will save them - while in actuality, destroying the marks does them no good).

Most Merkanlos have their Spell-Mark induced powers catering towards water magics. Some are able
to ever affect water to such a brutal degree they can slaughter legions of enemies just by invoking
their spells for a single moment.

An unique trait this species also has is that they are always followed by deep sea life forms that are
pseudo-familiars. They're non-sentient creatures that eat small organisms, and have blue bodies with
visible bones. They can survive both above, and below, water and are able to 'swim/hover' through air.
They have an attack not unlike a jellyfish that allows for them to paralyze/burn anyone who touches

Merkanlos are inter-breedable with Raveens, but prefer to stick to Water-oriented Elements.

Merkanlos join  packs which are called Reefs, and are made up entirely of Mated Pairs. Rankings in
Reefs have a general water-y feel to them, with the lead pairing usually being called "Squalls".

They're marine mammals, so their offspring are born and not hatched.