Orias Numas are © Alicia Brons
Images © Alicia Brons
                  - Orias Numas are natives of the Power Dimension -
Orias Numas are only compatible with other Numas

Orias Numas are large bear-like mammals that, at first, originated from the Soulstorm
Canyons of the Power Dimension. Their culture grew apart from the Raveens and
other species of Ciohd's realm near the beginning, and due to the large size of the
Power Dimension there was very little contact between species. The Orias Numas
evolved to have shamanistic views on the world around them; enchanting the mystic
arts was their gift, and with the guidance of the Soulstorm they evolved into creatures
able to manipulate all of the elements.

They are able to learn how to control all of the four main elements, as well as the
Korathu (spirit arts). Usually when an Orias Numas is a born they're given the power
over one element that best suits their personalities. As they age, and seek guidance
from other Orias Numas, they can learn the others.

Seen as fierce warriors by others, the Orias Numas are generally avoided in battle.
With their powerful builds and deadly claws they're dangerous enough - but with their
elemental control and mystic abilities they can easily subdue any opponent. Generally
the males of this species are more aggressive, but Orias Numas mothers can be even
more so.

They can come in any coloration, but natural colours with paint-like markings are more
common than anything else. Orias Numas can have horns, neck spikes, and those
leaning heavily towards elemental pulls can have elemental manifestations.

Orias Numas always, always, wear feathers, bones and other shaman-like decor.

They take on one lifemate who they remain forever devoted to, and join Tribes that are
made solely of Mated Pairs.