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Soals are © Alicia Brons
Soals are found only in the Inner Dimension. Their homeland is The Season.

Elementally inclined equines that call "The Season" their home. The Season is a dastardly place, and
named for it's apparent shift in seasons that seems to permanently stay in place in certain areas. There
are places along The Season which are always in a state of autumn/fall, winter, spring, and the hot
blistering heat of summer.  One could be walking along the Season, one moment in a sunning area, and
the next, in a world of frost. It's the perfect place for the Soals to call their home, as their Elemental
traits like the seasons that best fit with their attributes.  Water Soals claim the winter-y areas, their
territories covered in frozen lakes with permanently drowned victims. Earth Soals claim the autumn/fall
areas, with dying vegetation and rot usually in their lands. Fire Soals tend to stick with the hot areas,
turning the lands into molten rivers or dried-out deserts.  It's usually only the spring-like land that
remains untouched by the power of the Soals; left as it is, and as neutral territory between the Elements.

Very rarely do Raveens or other sentient creatures actually wander The Season; as the Soals tend to kill
first and not wait around for the question session. Not that they're maniacs, or anything, just they have
a darker nature that really only allows for them to tolerate powerful individuals or those of their own
kind. Weaklings are, simply, taken out of the picture immediately. Because of this the Soals have a
generally bad reputation, and when they do leave The Season to wander into different areas they're
usually treated with wariness and distrust.

Each Soal has perfect mastery of it's Element. So Water Soals are perfect hydromancers/cryomancers.  
Earth Soals are perfect terramancers.  Fire Soals are perfect pyromancers/electromancers (generally
those Fire Soals who can control electrical fire have blue flames on their bodies instead of the red).  All
of them are capable of teleporting, via use of their Elements (ie;  Earth Soals turn to sand or leaves and
reform elsewhere, Water Soals shatter into ice or water, and Fire Soals turn to ash or fire).

Soals can't heal instantly, nor do they have magics to heal themselves. So they tend to carry
scars throughout their lifespan, and they can die from mortal wounds. This is likely the reason why
Soals don't stray out on their own too often, as creatures like Raveens can heal and would likely use
that to their advantage to take down a Soal outside The Season.

Physical traits vary greatly from one individual to the next. About the only thing the Soals have in
common are their black base colorations, and curved hooves. Everything else changes with genetics.   
Elemental Mixes can occur, but generally the offspring will take after the Element of one of it's parents
over the other (even if they gain physical traits from the other Element).  All Soals have visible fangs,
and incredibly sharp teeth. As predatory equines they rarely, if ever, have to fight off other predators -
but if they did they have their teeth and curved hooves to make their attackers regret it.

Earth Soals

This particular breed of Soals tend to have red or brown manes, but have been known to have other
colours as well. As far as physical manifestations of their Element go, Earth Soals usually have rocky or
sandy areas on their bodies, visible bones (either their own, or bone-growths), and some sort of
vegetation too. Earth Soals can sometimes have leaves or grasses on their bodies that will actually
change colour with the seasons. Eye colouration is usually red/yellow.

Water Soals

Depending on whether the individual caters towards a more icy nature or a watery one, they can either
have frosty attributes or watery ones. Spikes are most common on Water Soals, growing in fin-like
fashions along their bodies. Manes are usually some shade of blue or green. Eyes tend to be

Fire Soals

Soal with fire traits on them are the most common to find these days. Perhaps it's because of their
physical element-manifestations being more deadly than that of the other Element types. Fire Soals
usually have fire somewhere on their bodies, a flaming mane or tail (or both), and sometimes ash or
molten areas. Those Fire Soals who lean more towards the use of electric flames have blue manes and
blue flames/electrical charges on their bodies.  Fire Soals usually have orange, red, or yellow manes.
Eyes are most often red, silver or white.

Air Soals

Uncommon, or extinct. Air Soals haven't been seen for generations, which may lead one to assume
they've died off. Air Soals had silver manes, and were the only Soals who had wing-like traits. They had
spikes along their bodies that were shaped like feathers, and air currents always seemed to be looped
about their forms.

General Info

Soals are completely sentient, and able to talk both verbally and telepathically. Their original language is
loosely based upon the Ancient Tongue, but they don't tend to use it as often anymore.

They are omnivores. Eating whatever is available to them at the time their hunger strikes. Rarely do
Soals actively hunt prey animals, instead choosing to eat meat only when it's available easily. Water
Soals tend to eat fish since they're frozen in their territories and easy to access. Earth and Fire Soals
aren't picky, either way.

Soals join Herds that are generally made up of two-three males and various females. However, Soals
have been known to take on solitary mates as well.