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Zethn Dragons are most numerous in the Inner Dimension, but appear in all
Thirteen Dimensions.
Zethn Dragons can only interbreed with other Dragons, Graephs, or Demons of equal size.

All Zethn Dragons are extremely territorial, and are known for being so savage
against trespassers that their lands are usually avoided at all costs. While they may
fight beside them now, Zethns and Raveens will probably never truly see eye to eye.
Zethn Dragons are sentient creatures, fully able to communicate with others, and
coming equipped with their own personalities and whatever those might entail.

Zethn Dragons come in many breeds, and many sizes. The most notable Zethn
Dragons are the larger breeds, with wingspans able to throw entire Plateaus into
shadows, and jaws that can just about bite through anything. These larger breeds are
not likely to ever leave the Battle Prides Universe, however. There are smaller
breeds, closer to Raveen/Azama/Graeph size that would be more likely to take up
roost in other realms.

Breeds (Small)


Stonesages are a breed of Zethn Dragons that come in earth-y colorations, either
with or without wings, and with sharp curved back rock plates on their heads.
Physically they're made to be able to thrive in rocky terrains, either rock fields or high
mountain roosts. They don't seem to be affected too much by differing climates, so
sometimes Stonesages can live in colder areas, or intensely hot ones. Their jaws are
usually more powerful/strong than other breeds of Zethns, as their bodies have bits of
rock in them it's pretty much required so that they can survive if attacked by others of
their own breed. They are immune to earth-based powers, and can even
alter/manipulate rock and dirt to extreme levels.

When a Stonesage breathes out, seeking to cause harm or scare, they can produced
a green flame that is so hot it can actually incinerate rock.


Freezebreaths are a type of Zethn Dragon that are usually found in the tundras, or
frozen planes, of Orcle's Isle. Because of their cold nature Freezebreaths are able to
withstand any kind of extreme-cold climate, but end up losing their wings in the
process. Because wing membranes are so thin it's easy for the membrane to rot away
from the cold; so in order to stop this the genetics of the Freezebreaths works in a
rather unique way. If a Freezebreath is born in a cold climate it's born without wings;
but if they're born in a warm climate they're born with wings fully intact. So even if a
Freezebreath doesn't have wings, the gene is always present.

They come in pale hues, often shades of blue, and have a thick bone-like covering
on the back of their necks that protects them from having their necks broken in two by
other Dragons. Instead of breathing out fire, as most Zethns do, they breathe out an
icy mist which can be either a light coating of cold, or so intense it covers everything it
touches in ice and completely freezes anything living to death. Their bodies are
covered in cold scales that are incredibly hard to damage (Raveen claws/fangs
wouldn't be able to break them).

Freezebreaths who do not have wings are able to still fly through the use of
incorporeal ice-mist wings that form temporarily on their backs. They're also masters
of Cryomancy, and can create/manipulate ice freely. They are immune to Raveen
abilities and all low-level Spells.


Cavereapers come in dark colorations - usually borderline ebony
brown/violet/crimson hues or darker - with staglamite like growths on their shoulders.
They have harsh wings that are not always flight-capable beyond the use of gliding,
but as Cavereapers generally live in the closed off areas of cave systems, they really
don't need to fly long distances. They have white eyes which are believed to be
sightless, as many are under the impression that Cavereapers see through sound

They are quick killers, usually silent until the moment before they strike, and seem to
prefer to speak through telepathy over the use of their vocal chords. Able to live, and
thrive, in the harsh cave climates they don't seem to be outwardly picky on where
they choose to dwell; just that it be dark, and away from heavy populations.

Cavereapers breathe out ebony flames that encase anything it touches in a thick
cocoon of a web-like substance. It's acidic to touch, but it's acidic level depends on
the intentions of the Cavereaper - sometimes it can be used to just contain/trap prey,
other times it'll burn through them.


Greens, reds, and blues are the more common colorations for this breed. Generally
their bodies have feathers, usually along their necks/backs/legs that can vary
between tropical-hues. Suncrests thrive in humid climates and it's said their eggs fail
to hatch unless they're left out in the dead heat of the sun. This breed of Zethn can
have black or coloured eyes.

Their tails range varying on genetics, but the most dominant trait has them with a
stegosaurus-like twin tailblade. Suncrests are very territorial, and very rarely seek
mates outside their own breed because they require such hot climates for their young
to hatch. They are very similar to birds, and Suncrests are very selective in whom
they take on as mates. It should be noted that Suncrests
do not take more than one
* (They are one the one breed of Zethn that would never do so. Suncrests are akin to birds,
in that they'll only choose the "right" mate for them, and never leave them. They'll never join a
non-pair Rookery.)

Suncrests are naturally in tune with fire, breathing out white-hot flames that vary
between the shades of blue and white. They are immune to natural fire, and can even
withstand the touch of lava without being burned.


A breed of Zethn Dragon that is quickly declining in population. Bloodbanes are able
to control the magical realms of death, having the power of necromancy. They can
raise the dead, returning life back to them - but at a cost of their own life energy.
Each time a Bloodbane raises the dead, a piece of it's chest shatters away like
chipped glass. It eventually gets to the point where the Bloodbane's life energies
become visible, and once fully exposed, those energies extinguish and the Bloodbane
(plus all the dead minions it's raised) die.

It is because of their natural hunger for power that Bloodbanes are to blame for their
own 'extinction'. Many of them lose their lives because they raise too many dead back
to life, all the while striving to have the most powerful 'followers'. Most other Zethn
breeds think of them as arrogant, and don't envy their life-stealing necromancy.

Bloodbanes come in fleshy or dark hues, with exposed bone growths/spikes, and they
are always wingless. Due to the rarity of the breed, it is unlikely that a pure
Bloodbane pairing even exists anymore.  (Bloodbanes are seasonal Zethns, and only
available during selective time periods of the year).


Zethn Dragons belong to breeding groups known as "Rookeries". Rookeries are
communities of Zethn Dragons that work together to keep eggs, hatchlings and young
Zethns safe from harm. Outside the Rookery members may not even get along, but
on Rookery territory they all work towards the same goal -- keeping the offspring safe.

Generally Zethn Dragons take on single mates, as they're a breed that isn't one to
really share and have a possessive-view towards their life mates. Sometimes, though,
there will be those Zethns with one or more mates but it is generally the
female Zethn
who takes on the multiple mates, and not the male. And in either case, a Zethn
takes on more than two mates in this situation. (As said, it's rare to find a Zethn
actually willing to share it's mate. Thus, Rookeries with pairings are most common,
while the other, is most definitely rare.)

Zethn Eggs are very hard, and vary in coloration depending on their genetics.
Sometimes a female Zethn lays three-four eggs, but only one or two hatchlings will
actually break free of their shells. Newborn hatchlings are especially fragile, so a
female is almost always watching over the Rookery nest.

In the wild there are predator species that will eat Zethn eggs if they're left
unattended. These predators come in both large in small sizes; with the root worms of
the Unclaimed Territories being the most notorious for destroying Rookeries.
Scavengers are the most common threats.

Hatchlings are incapable of taking care of themselves in dangerous situations, so
they're not permitted to leave the safe Rookery grounds.  Zethns of these smaller
breeds only leave the safety of the rookery grounds when they're in their late teens,
or young adulthood. When the watchful eye of a full grown Zethn is no longer
required for their own survival.