"Welcome, honoured Knights..."
On the day of the Eclipse a surge of unseen magic flooded across the Inner Dimension. Though
it could not be remarked upon visually, it was felt by all. A charge in the blood that sang
and buzzed around them.

It danced across the Border, a shimmer of light that caressed the red-hued wall, before
turning unseen again. Plateau Guilds could not see what it was; could not imagine. The
energy had felt familiar, somehow, but not sinister.

Like an echo returning home, it gradually faded, and most forgot about it.

Those who had the misfortune of bringing young into the world on this day, however, would be
ones to never forget it. It would linger in their thoughts, as they wondered if that energy
had anything to do with the light that took their young.

The answers, if they were out there, would not be easy to find.
Taken on the night of the Eclipse, the Whispers of Rekura were swept away into a world that
existed beyond those they were born on. Worlds away from the Inner Dimension, it was a place
where Time had been damaged.

Worlds caught in loops.
Forever stuck in the time before.
Or the time after.
Worlds that once thrived.
And worlds that no longer spoke.

Each of these worlds were different, but connected. Existing in a Dimension that came
before, and existed long after.

The Whispers of Rekura were taken into the Astralis, and delivered to the world known as
Os'Karos. A life-supporting planet where the Goddess Lnei-La once lived, and where her wings
fell. A world that was safe, and sustained life that had stubbornly continued on even after
the time fluctuations made it impossible to reach out to neighbouring stars.

When the WoRs arrived, they were affected by the time fluctuations. Arriving at different
moments; some were already grown by the time another cub arrived on Os'Karos. Some spent
several years on Os'Karos, while others were there only long enough to grow.

They were taught many things, as the Osarians raised them like their own.

Taught the ways of the Astralis, they were welcomed as heralds of the True Knights. As
warriors that were fated, and the ones to bring change.

The Astralis will rise, free of the curse of time. Honoured Knights, you have restored hope
and prosperity to All Worlds. It is our privilege to teach you what we can, and to let you
return to your places of birth with the knowledge - and skills - to be Change.
WoR Arrival Time-line

Year One
Estheria & Archivist arrive
three months in [
Angelic Extended] arrives
Six months in
Maunet and [Shadow WoR] arrive

Year Two
three months in Kallum, [Smoke WoR] arrive
six months in [
Robotic/Prophecy WoR] arrives

Year Three
six months in [Chaos WoR], Valgard arrive

Year Four
[Sand WoR] [Lightning WoR], Oskkin arrive
six months in
Ti Ri, [Kelp WoR Twins] arrive

Year Five
No Arrivals

Year Six
No Arrivals

Year Seven
[Wind WoR], Vabbi arrive
six months in [
Treat WoR] arrives

Year Eight
No Arrivals

Year Nine
[Sand/Earth WoR] [Gravity/Wave] arrive
six months in [
Spirit/Hope/Heaven - youngest] arrives

Year Ten
No Arrivals
WoRs leave at end of Year Ten

Ti Ri, Oskkin and Valgard stay on Os'Karos