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Hello there :)  So you're a tad bit interested in the person behind this website, are you?  Well, what can I say, I'm a Female, currently 19 years of age, who has a love of art, writing, and the world at large. In my free time I can often be found either reading, writing, drawing, or watching some TV. In my not-free time I can be found working at a boring desk job, filling out hours upon hours of paperwork in the hopes of furthering my Education.

I'm from the "Great White North", or, "the-place-where-people-apparently-say-eh-a-lot" :P   AKA, Canada. I love nature, wildlife, and am addicted to sky-gazing at all hours of the day. When I have my camera with me I'm a menace.

Currently I am not enrolled in any Colleges or Universities, but within the next couple of years I hope to be. Until then I plan to content myself by using this site to work on my art, writing, and ability to combine them both in the form of comics. Ever since I was a little gal I've had an addiction to comics, so it's only natural that one day I'd like to have one of my own. :)

In my spare time, when I've nothing else to do, I can also be found doing random animations. Some of these animations are small icons that I use on my Message Board strolls, or just do them for fun. Others are larger, with bigger-scaled backgrounds and overly done effects. Sadly, I don't own Flash or any other animation program that allows for me to add sound, so all my animations are at current soundless.

I recently took a pick and hammer to my website, so most links are inactive at this point in time. Hopefully by the New Year I'll have that all sorted out, and everything will be in perfect working form :)

Till then, enjoy your stay here, and if you really want to know about me, you could always drop me line on LiveJournal. But I got to warn you - I'm really in to English literature and writing, so my entries are sometimes... vague, confusing, and far too deep. I can't help it - it's how I write :P