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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Non-Elemental Types.

Evil- These Kats come in dark greys with blood red markings. They have spikes attached to their skeleton. Evil Kats usually have black jewlery and are a subtype of Hell.

- These Kats are based on animals. There is no preset marking color or anything. Usually they have animal attributes. Rare.

Eclipse- Only available through extended breeding. These Kats are a subtype of Sun and Moon. They have glowing blue markings and sometimes have dragonic wings. Rare.

- These Kats are based on YOUR nightmares. These Kats come in any color with grey markings. They can have horns, spikes, whatever. Each Nightmare is unique due to their 'special feature'. Their special feature is basically up to you, the adopter, as it will be based on your nightmares. So if you have nightmares about spiders, then it will have something 'spider'-ish. Only available through trades.

Dream- These Kats are based on YOUR dreams. Each Dream Kat is unique due to it's 'speacial feature'. Their special feature is basically up to you, the adopter, as it will be based on your dreams. So if you have dreams about shells, then the Kat will probably have a few shells. They come in any color with pale blue markings. Only available through trades.

Wraith- A subtype of Hell. Simillar to Spirit except they're pale blue in color. Red markings, long tufted ears. They're known for their Death-ish personalities.

- Come in whites or teal with yellow markings. Heavens have ranks. The lowest rank has no wings, the next has on set, then two sets, then finally three sets. The highest ranking Heaven in existence is Zeraphyr, she has six wings. Empathic and telepathic. Very rare.

Explosive- Come in all base colors, and can even be elemental based, but they all have fireworks like markings. Usually have vampiric fangs. Some have wings, others don't. Only available on days of celebration. EXTREMELY RARE.

Space - Space Kats are EXTREMELY RARE. Not available through trades. Their bodies are made up of space matter, and their markings are a chrome blue. Cannot have wings. Highly telepathic, an Ultimate Element.

Mage - Magics are subelements of Mages. EXTREMELY RARE. Not available through trades. White base coloring with blue-cyan markings, silver eyes and purple manes. Can have minor pink markings. Extremely powerful. Ultimate Element.

Time - Extremely rare.

Chaos Mage - Extremely rare.


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