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Raveen Kat Adoption;

So you'd like to adopt a Raveen Kat, eh? Well a few
rules you must follow are;

1. You must have a webpage.  This webpage must not be on Neopets, if you try and adopt with a Neopets webpage you will be banned.
Read their site rules and you'll know why. I will also ban you if you sign up with a msn group as your site url. A msn group is not a webpage.
2. You must not have any stolen images on your site. This means if you're displaying any images on your site which you didn't create from start to finish, but claiming them as your own  then you may not adopt from me - ever. I do not support art thieves.
3. If you are currently running an adoption agency that is going over my copyright, I have the right to not adopt any (more) Kats out to you. After all you are going over my copyright. Copyright infringement will not be tolerated -_-; 
If you are caught adopting from such an agency you might/will suffer the same fate as the owner, as you're encouraging the infrinement.  Your current Kats may also be abandoned. Do note that if you are the one running the agency which is too close for comfort it will result in the immediate blacklisting of you, without warning. A feline adoption agency with preset coloring/markings, abilities /and types - or even without-/ is way too close to just be coincidence. This rule is no joke, and more targetted towards those referencing off my art, or blatantly stealing it.. Click here if you have been banned by not following this rule.
4. You must provide a link back to http://www.battleprides.net
5. Signing the dreambook when no Kats are available will result in you being banned for a month. So please don't sign when it says 'none available' or 'closed'. Signing the book under two names will result in the indefinite blacklisting of you. You are not allowed to sign for friends.
6. Do not select 'Yes :)' if you read these rules, otherwise I'll take it that you didn't read these rules. In the event where the draw is held at the board, put an exclamation mark at the bottom of your entry. Just a simple '!'.
7. You must follow the rules of this webpage.
8. Raveen Kats are copyrighted to Alicia Brons. No one else. Taking any ideas off this webpage is a violation of the agreement you took upon entering this site. I will not tolerate attribute thieves, idea thieves or outright art thieves.

You may not adopt from me if you're on my

If you follow these rules then click the link below.

I will follow the rules / I won't

Re-read the rules if you haven't already, and pay close attention to #1, #2, #3 and #8 especially. And remember not to sign the form when no Raveen Kats are available, that will result in the immediate blacklisting of you. If you want to contact me use my messageboard, link is on the mainpage. Not that hard to find.
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