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Rules for Adoption;

1. You must have a
webpage of your own. This webpage must not be up on Neopets or be on an MSN group.
2. You must
not have any stolen content on your page.
3. You must link back to the Battle Prides
4. You should be able to get the Azama Spirit up on a page within six days of receiving it.
5. You must not be on my Black List.
6. You must follow the agreement of this webpage.
7. When signing the form, or signing at the message board, you must put a question mark a space or two beneath any comments you enter.
8. Azama Spirits are Copyright 2003 Alicia Brons.
9. Do not sign the form if no Azama Spirits are available. Signing the form when no Azama Spirits are available will get you banned.

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Battle Prides is Copyright 2001-Beyond to Alicia Brons.
Azama Spirits are Copyright 2003 Alicia Brons.
Battle Prides Layout "Rebirth" is Copyright 2003 Alicia Brons.
None of the images found here for are free for the taking.
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