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Azama Spirits are Wolf-like in appearance, but unlike natural wolves they possess a few unique traits. Take for instance their ability to sheath their short claws, and their almost wild color genes. They also carry some rather odd earth-genes which can surface in the form of antlers, leaves in their fur, or even leafy-wings.

Azama Spirits are creatures descended from Vertian Hounds who were blessed by the Earth Spirits, they have the natural ability to fully heal damaged lands and grow new plantlife. They are peaceful in nature, but generally are quick to anger in certain circumstances when it comes to others damaging forests and whatnot. Each Azama Spirit can also harness the power of the Earth Spirits, which means they can do more than just heal the lands - they can manipulate earth, and in some cases they can even creature life.
They are also somewhat elusive, spending almost all of their lives in large forests or moutains, they tend to only care for the earth around them rather than the inhabitants that may sharte an area with them. Azama Spirits are commonly loners, sticking to just healing the lands where-ever their journey takes them, but they will gladly interact with others of their species.

Upon reaching adulthood an Azama Spirit will  join a Pack when it's ready. A Pack is generally made of one male and three females, or two males and three females. In some cases a Pack is also made up of pairs, where the Azama Spirit will take only one mate and be loyal to them for the rest of their existence.
In a Pack they have the following ranks, no matter what kind of pack they're in;
Alpha male and female.
Beta male and female.
Gamma male and female. (if more than three in Pack)
Rankless male and female. (if more than three in Pack)
Omega male and female.

Azama Spirits are born in litters consisting of three to four pups. Their puphood doesn't last long at all, maybe only a week or two.

As far as interaction goes with an Azama Spirit and a Raveen Kat - there are relatively no cases of it. You see since they are descended from the Vertian Hounds, there will always be distrust between the two races. Vertian Hounds have always been a threat to Raveen Kats, so they will treat Azama Spirits with creulty if they ever meet.  Thus why Azama Spirits do not live on Orcle's Isle, instead they live on the lone island of  Esk-Ato.

Diets for an Azama Spirit consist of small rodents, fish, and vegetation. Unlike other species on Ice Plains the Azama can survive on just eating plants, which in some cases what an Azama Spirit will prefer.

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