At the Guardian's Peaks there are several Executioners who seek to make Slayer training easier, but as informative as ever. While some still follow the old training methods, there are many newbloods in the cast of Executioners at the Guardian's Peaks who have only recently joined the Instructor Ranks.  Since Instructors can be challenged by Executioners for their placements, it's not unusual to see a wide range of Instructors being replaced every few years.

    The current cast of Executioners, with a brief bio of each, is as follows
Koranuu / Shibaku / Pins
Combat Class Instructors
The combat class is taught by three different Executioners, who take turns with training. Koranuu is a Sweeper who specializes in Close-combat magics, while Pins is a heavy-dealer of weapons magics, and Shibaku is a level-user of both close-combat and weapon usage. Shibaku is the main instructor for this Slayer Class.

Weapons Magics Specialist
A Demon whose expertise in Weapons Magics is unmatched. A master of stealth, Menakii is formerly of the Scout Class but teaches all Slayers in the art of Weapon Mastery. She helps out those in both the Combat and Tactics ranks.

Destructive Magics Specialist
A Corrupted Mage who excels in the usage of Destructive Magics, Shura is a strict trainer who does not take lightly to the misuse of Destructive Magics. She is one of three instructors for the Tactics Class, and it is her duty to make sure everyone entering into the Tactics ranks knows both the Curses, and Counters, to Destructive Magics.

Chrovus / Kuutare
Tactics Class Instructors
Chrovus is one of only two Azamas who regurally teaches at the Guardian's Peaks. Together with Kuutare, and Shura, the three of them share the heavy load of teaching the Tactics Class. Kuutare is a Mage-User who is a master of deceptive magics, while Chrovus is a strategic genius. Together all three teach the many aspects of this Tactical Magics rank.

Flier Class Instructor
The youngest Executioner to currently be teaching at the Guardian's Peaks, Lunatha is an unholy menace in both battle and teaching habits. She does not take lightly to those who try and be solo heroes, and with her unique blend of Seer prowess and Aerial Magics she's a force to be reckoned with.

Elemental Class Instructor
Anzura is one of two Executioners who teach the Elemental Class. She is a manipulator of all the elements, but prefers to only teach her students the use of one or two elements so that their primary focus points are stronger than average. She doesn't believe in teaching fire-oriented Raveens the powers of manipulating water, but will teach them how to manipulate air to better use the flames at their disposal.

Elemental Control Basics & Shadow Magics
A Plague Dimensional who specializes in the Shadow Arts, Saruuko is the one who teaches the Elemental Basics before Anzura steps in to teach them the rest. He is also the one who teaches those who are Shadow Marked on how to tap in to the Shadow Arts they've been cursed with. Saruuko is a calm, and gentle, teacher who many find they can learn a great deal from.


Guard Class Instructor
The daughter of Senbotsuusha, Toukasha was trained by the Angelics in the arts of full-scale magics. She teaches those brave enough to be Plateau, or Outpost, Guards exactly what they need to know in order to survive.

Lakuuro / Desolas
Defensive Class Instructors
Desolas and Lakuuro equally share the responsibility of teaching the Defensive Class, but Desolas is prone to abanoning students who don't learn quickly. It is usually Lakuuro who ends up first teaching the individuals who enter in to this rank, before Desolas even takes any interest in them. Once she does, future Defensive Class Slayers will find that Lakuuro and Desolas evenly cover the magics needed to master this rank.

Shiriza / Midoreko
Healer Class Instructors
Shiriza, the fabled "Blessed Healer", she's sad to hold such a strong healing aura about her that she can even the dead just by being near them. She is both the instructor for the Shrine Class and Slayer Class Healers, but from time to time has help from her subordinate Midoreko to help with the training. Shiriza is the most powerful Healer to ever teach at the Guardian's Peaks.

Scout Class Instructor
Nanarauu is not the only one who teaches the Scout Class, he relies on past students to help him teach new recruits once he's covered the basics. He's a bit subdued in day-to-day life, and comes off a bit too easy-going at times, but many say Nanaruu holds so much power in Scout Magics that the last Scout Instructor never even knew he was challenging him until it was over.

Scry / Uuzomi / Takani / Naburuus

Seer Class Instructors
The Seer Class Instructors are just as mysterious as the rank they teach. Usually wearing some sort of robbed hood these individuals often come off as secretive and untrustworthy to many. They play a constant game of cloak and dagger, many say, but when it comes down to it these four are as trustworthy as they come.
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