Beyond the Border there lies numerous threats. Highest ranking is
most notably the Shades themselves, but the Shade Warriors in their
service follow in a close second. Yet the corruption of the lands
beyond the Border has only served to mutate and corrupt even the
wildlife that once thrived in these parts of Orcle's Isle. One needs to
be prepared to face each and every one of them if they intend to

Below is a listing, complete with information and images, of the
threats a Slayer is likely to come across beyond the Border. Since
prolonged exposure to the Maddness Aura of the Shades is corrupting
to an extreme, some once harmless creatures are now relatively worth
more caution than ever before.

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Shade Warriors
The undeniably most dangerous of enemies found beyond the
Border, only just below the Shades themselves in their deadly
nature. These corrupt beings were once Raveens, Azamas, or other
creatures who were captured by the Shades beyond the Border.
With their faces skinned off, and forced to wear a mask of white
bone these Warriors are mindless puppets of the Shades, with only
one goal in mind - kill any trespassers.

There are three types of Shade Warriors - those with Unmarked
white masks (blank, save for the blood that adorns every mask),
Marked (of a single coloration), and the Dual-toned (markings
made up of one or more colorations).  Those with blank white
masks were made from the dead, whereas those with marked
Masks were turned when they were still alive.

Each Shade Warrior has a different fighting style, and power
capabilities. The only similiarities they seem to share is their
ability to teleport by turning in to blank sand, and the ability to
move at unholy speeds. Sometimes they move so fast that a Slayer
is downed before the Shade Warrior has even fully formed it's
physical body. For this reason, Slayers with a slow reaction speed
usually wear enchanted eye pieces that allow them to see the
essences of a Shade Warrior when they're in sand form.

Shade Warriors only have one major weakness, and that is their
deadly reaction to Silver. While Spirit Essence will slow them
down and cause some harm, it is only pure silver that can cause
them real damage.  Yet in a case where a Guild finds themselves
surrounded and cornered by a dozen Shade Warriors, it doesn't
seem to matter how much silver weaponry they have. Groups of
Shade Warriors are the most deadly, and it's often preferable to
stage a retreat than attempt to fight.
Sometimes referred to as the "Demons of the Sky", Rekenas
were once a breed of Zethn Dragons who haunted rainforest
alcoves. Since their exposure to the Auras of the Shades,
however, they've taken to haunting many different
environments. Rekenas are serpent-dragons with bodies of
bone-green scales, purple feathered manes, and skull-like heads
with eight sets of glowing blue eyes. They fly without wings by
manipulating air currents, but seem to prefer moving about on
land instead of clouds.

Rekenas have blood-red teeth, and a toxic breath that always
seeps out the splits between these jagged fangs. They reek of
death and decay, and if one gets too close for too long the toxic
fumes can actually prove most disastrous to one's health. A
Rekenas can fight with it's claws and teeth, but also has the
power to hurl toxic flames from it's mouth. These flames are
poisonous to an extreme, and spread rapidly.

With the ability to burn and poison, Rekenas are usually best
taken down quickly. They only travel in small packs, no more
than three at a time, but if one ever finds they've been
surrounded by more than three it's best to vacate the area as it
means a Rekenas Queen is near.

Rekenas are immune to toxins of all sorts, but their scales are
weak and they can be overpowered physically if one has the
Fortunately Zelemeths are reliable when it comes to where they can be
found. Rarely does a Guild come across a Zelemeth's path outside these
areas, but within them it's all too likely to come across one or two of these
giants. Roughly the size of elephants - if not larger - these creatures are a
twisted imitation of what one might get if they combine a gryphon and a
bull together, and then add the touch of making them entirely out of molten
rock and lava.

With bodies made of searing hot rock and magma, Zelemeths are purely
Fire Elemental in nature. Smoke is always rising off their forms, and there's
always an unholy glow to their eyes that leads many to believe they were
once Demons of some kind. With twisted sharp beaks filled to the brim
with jagged fangs, Zelemeths are natural born predators.

Their physical prowess is immense, and with the natural defences of their
outer shells it's nearly impossible to cause physical harm to these
creatures. When facing them on the battlefield, it's more tactful to hit them
from afar and remain a safe distance away if possible. Zelemeths are finely
tuned to their surroundings, so by the time you've spotted them they've
seen you in return.

While not all of them are equipped with the ability to fly, some females
have been reported by Guilds to have fully flight-capable wings.
One of only a few creeatures that thrives both Beyond and within
the confines of the Border, Crawlers have been around since the
beginning of life. While those within the Border's safety remain
hidden in the depths of the world, their corrupted cousins are nothing
like them. Greatly affected by the Shade Aura, these Crawlers don't
keep to the shadowy confines of caverns.

There is one particular breed of Crawler that is most prominent
beyond the Border, and that is the bone-reaper variety. These
Crawlers were once the size of Raveen cubs, but with the added
touch of a corrupting Aura they've increased drastically in size. Now
the size of grizzly bears, these Crawlers are quite formidable enemies.

With six pairs of green eyes, jaws of razor-sharp teeth, poisonous
back spikes, ungoldy sticky webbing, and lethal talons these
arachnids are more dangerous than ever before. With a thirst for
blood, these Crawlers are prone to attack in groups with the intent of
procuring a meal.

Their outer carapace is hard as rock, but can be pierced by
weaponry. Do take note, however, that these predatory spiders are
equipped with nasty reflexes and move so silently they're usually
not spotted until the attack has commenced.  They can be found in
any area, any climate, but seem to especially like deserts and forests.
Named for their somewhat startling appearance, and their taste for dead flesh,
Carrion are vulture-like birds who lack the overall covering of feathers. They
look like undead creatures, what with their exposed muscles and barely
concealed bone structures, but are not as fragile as they appear. They vary in
size greatly, but have the same general appearance -- red horns, black beak, red
eyes, and gray/brown feathers only as a tail and wings.

They travel in large flocks, and usually are found haunting areas filled with larger
predators. Scavengers by upbringing, Carrions are more of a nusance than actual
threats on their own... But as they've come to show, time and time again, they
can be deadly in their own right.

By remaining near other predators, Carrions actually seem to thrive on the
possiblity of a meal being killed quicker that way. Instead of just attacking with
their own flocks, they'll actually step in and help the larger predators before
stealing the dead prey. For this reason they can be really hazardous to a Guild's
survival, as coupled together with a Zelemeth they can completely deccimate a
group of Slayers. They only attack physically, but since their flocks are so
enormous they can make the reflexes and areas available to Slayers rather low on
the scale.

For these reasons, Carrions should be dealt with immediately. They're not
immune to anything beyond toxics fumes, but their movements are quite fast.
Down them before they take to the air, and there shouldn't be a problem.
However do take note that some Carrion have the ability to alter their physical
mass, so one should make sure they're truly dead when they hit the ground
otherwise they may find themselves having to fight off an enormous bird of prey.
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