Training for Slayers takes place at the Guardian's Peaks, where a
slew of Executioners remain behind to teach the next generation of
Slayers. The methods in which training takes place varies depending
on the Slayer Class being entered into, but most take advantage of
the off-realm pockets available to the Executioners as practical
training grounds. Within the twisted depths of the tunnel system
running through the main mountain of the Guardian's Peaks portals
to these training grounds can be found in large number.

Each portal leads to a different area, so when a Slayer is entering in
to training for the first time the Executioner teaching the selected
Slayer Class will often accompany them to the correct training
ground. With the wide range of available areas to choose from,
trainees can find themselves training in a natural forest environment
or a flaming pit out of hell.

Executioners are able to alter these training grounds to their liking,
so when they feel as if their trainees are ready for it they'll introduce
the slew of threats they'll likely come across beyond the Border.
While just false illusions, while in the training grounds they're as real
as can be and just as deadly as the real things.

At the end of the Slayer Training there is usually a test administered
to the trainees to see if they're strong enough to be selected by
Guilds (what groups of Slayers led by Executioners are called) then
they're thrown in to this dynamic training realm that mirrors every
aspect of the world beyond the Border. Many claim that this portal
doesn't even lead to a simulation, that the portal actually leads to
some point beyond the Border and that's why it's so lifelike in it's
ferocity. If one dies during the test, they're not given the ranking of
Slayer at that time.

While the "Exam" is feared by many would-be Slayers, it's the true
test that comes afterwards that many find more daunting. The first
real entrance beyond the Border is the final test to see if a Slayer is
truly strong enough to stand against the Shade Warriors or not. When
one dies there, there's no coming back.

*Training is only open to Adults of all species. Younglings applying
for training will just be turned away, no matter who or what they may

*Guilds only select Slayers of the Level 2 rank or higher for joining.
Level 1 Slayers are generally not allowed beyond the Border, as their
training will just have been basic. Executioners do not like the risk of
bringing Level 1's with them.

  *Guilds can only be created by Executioners, of  the 1st Class
variety. Without an Executioner, a Guild is not official and not
cleared for Border Crossing.
Battle Prides is Copyright 2002-Beyond Alicia Brons.