This is the FAQ for the Guardian's Peaks information area. Please note that a more extensive FAQ can be reached at the Thunder Plateau page, as this FAQ is only based around question pertaining to Slayers. If you have any questions of you own, feel free to ask them and I may later add more to this list.

Q: What is a Guild?

A: A Guild is what a group of Slayers, lead by two Executioners, is called. It's somewhat like a Pride, except without any romantic involvement, but it can grow to have an almost family-like feel to it after the Slayers have worked together long enough. Usually  a Slayer only joins one Guild until they begin to move up in the ranks, then they'll leave to join other Guilds or start their own. Most do, however, make strong ties with their Guild-allies that later on become impossible to break so even after they've left a Guild they can always count on their past allies to always be there for them.

Q: Can my Kat become an Executioner?

A: Provided your Kat meets the requirements necessary to reach this stage, then yes. Do note, however, that it is a long process to get up to the Executioner, First Class, ranking. The Third Class is the easiest to achieve, but is not a position that can lead a Guild.

Q: Can my Kat train in more than one Slayer Class?

A: Yes, indeed they can. However training must be completed in one Class, at least to the first level, before training in another Class can be obtained. No one can train in two Slayer Classes at once.

Q: Can we choose our Guilds afterwards?

A: Due to the way Domestics are set up, with their ability to go off-realm, there's likely only going to be two or three Domestic-oriented Guilds that will be lead by two or three Executioners of my own. Members of these Guilds will not be limited in number, and you may choose which Kats to include in one grouping and decide with others which groups work best. I do know, however, that there will only be four Executioners available to lead these groups into the world beyond the Border, so the groups will have to switch off every once and a while
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