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You follow the path towards the rocky outcrop you had visited before, expecting to see the famillar red and black Raveen known as Ichimuu. However upon getting closer you notice something isn't right.

The area is covered in a thin  layer of black frost, the sky overhead is clear save for the group of clouds located immediately over the rocky outcrop. Your breath is misty and fully visible, but the air is not cold. A full Raveen skeleton lies at the base of the outcrop, free of flesh but covered in some webbing. One of it's paws is missing.

Drawing in a cautious breath you take a step forward and kneel down to inspect the bones. Upon doing so you feel a cold whisp of wind past by you. This sends a sudden chill up your spine which causes you to fall forward and land on the skeleton's ribcage. The ribs break under your weight, and you find your upper body covered in the webs which had made their home between the ribs. 

Quickly you pull away and desperately try to free yourself from the sticky substance. It doesn't take long for you to get most of the webbing off, but it's safe to say you suffered a panic attack in doing so. Your body is shaking and no matter how hard you try to calm your nerves, you fail.  Another cold wave of wind rushes over your body and you fall upon the hard ground, in the process managing to almost hit your head on the rocks. 

There's a loud crackle followed by the sound of thunder, which seems to have originated from the clouds above the outcrop. Blue streaks of lightning decorate the sky, making there way outward in a web like pattern. 

You begin to get the feeling you are not alone.  Scared witless you speak in a shakey voice, "W-who's there? Ichimuu?" 

There's no reply but the faint echo sent back at you. Your eyes scan the area but are quickly shot back at the rocky outcrop. You could've sworn you just saw something out of the corner of your eye.  There's nothing there.

Paranoia begins to take hold as you scan the area several more times. You're afraid whoever's here with you isn't friendly.

      "Ichimuu's dead."  Speaks a strong masculine voice, seemingly coming from everywhere.

Forcing yourself up you take another look around, and catch sight of something watching you from the darkness. This was enough to send you running back to where you came from, but unfortunantly you were too curious to listen to your instincts.  "What do you mean by that? And who are you?!"

       "I mean he's
dead. What part of that is unclear to you." Speaks the voice.

Blinking you look at the Raveen skeleton you fell on. One paw missing, could it be possible? No, the Battle Master couldn't be dead. It wasn't possible.   Your attention returns to the speaker, "How?" You are a bit surprised by the question you asked, but await an answer anyway.

       "The Void." Replies the speaker, who then adds. "Not very bright are you."

Narrowing your eyes you continue with your questions. "But he was a Battle Master, even after the Void infected his soul he was strong. He
can't be dead."

was a Battle Master. Was." Is the reply you receive.

"Are these his bones? If so, where is his gauntlet?" You force out the question, not wanting to accept what you're hearing.

         "Yes, those are his bones." A breif pause, "That's no concern of yours."

Your eyes narrow a bit more in annoyance before you question in a loud voice. "Who are you?!"

         "The new Battle Master,"  the speaker seemingly vanishes at this point.

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