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You find yourself in the prescence of a grey Raveeness with black horns and 'neck-wings'. She narrows her white eyes at you, then a delicate smirk makes it's way across her lips. You blink, where was Mayakashi and who was this? "Don't worry yourself realm walker. I am Rashemora. You need not worry about Mayakashi, she has just been temporarily taken out of the scene like Orcle." Her smirk widens, seemingly filled with evil. "While Orcle is gone her servants vanish without a trace. The only reason the keepers are still around is because they were freed from stasis before Heiroke had her fun."

She drags her black claws through the rocky ground, they're extremely sharp and able to slice through rock like it's jello. Rashemora then rises to her paws, "If you came to seek training, by all means signup and allow your Kat to gain training from me. I can teach only Inner Dimensionals and Outer Dimensionals. I do have restrictions, no Charged or Reborned Kats." She then turns and cackles, "You will soon see the wonders that come about in Orcle's absence, and you all shall see just how important her absence is to the Kats like me." She fades into nothingness, the sense of great evil left in her wake.

Sign up for Training
Not Accepting.)

[Please note that any Adult Raveen Kat who receives training from Rashemora will have a 'catch' to their new ability; And please read the book before signing as I will leave a note in there saying when this closes. ]
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