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Information about this agency:

First of all this agency is
not a click-and-take agency. It is a sign-and-hope agency.

Every Kat adopted out form this agency is unique. Do not steal any of the already adopted ones. Please. If you do I'll take you to court. I don't joke.

Raveen Kats were created by an eight year old girl. Back then they were only 'stick cats'. Before my website 'Ice Plains' was built they were known as Battle Prides Kats. I then named then Raveen Kats as it sounded much better ^_^; The reason they're called 'Kats' and not 'Cats' is because when I was eight I always used to spell 'cat' as 'kat'.

Raveen Kats are copyrighted to Alicia Brons. Do not steal, alter or redistrubute any images or ideas.
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Battle Prides is Copyright to Alicia Brons. 2001-2002.
Do not steal any images/ideas/etc. off these pages.
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