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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Ultimate Types.

Mage Kats-
Soujuu | Myrror.
Shuurai | Myrror.
Raigeki | DragonFlight.
Tuuatha | Raven.

Space Kats-

Time Kats-
Tokoshinae | Lainie.

Chaos Mage Kats-

Weather Mage Kats-
Jauhuune | Aylura.

Vanishing Kats-
Kinosei | Raven.
Caladuuran | DragonFlight.

Mirage Kats-

Afterworld Kats-
Dyoniel | JadeEye.

Virus Kats-

Gate Kats-
Namuruuto | Aylura.

The Ancients-
Demur | Myrror. (e)
Rasshuu | Ann. (g)

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