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You came to the area expecting to find Rashemora, but your are instead met by the sight of an unknown Raveeness. Sitting upon a flat rock is a confident-looking armor-wearing Raveeness. Her armor, gold and purple, is touched with hints of green fabric, a row of phoenix feathers, and several bloodied chains which hang from the extended shoulder-armor over to her right. Hanging from both ears are curved golden blades, looking sharp enough to easily cut skin. Tied to the back of her armor, where many golden spikes are arranged to protect her neck, is a single fan. It looks delicate, but seems to radiate with deadly potential. This Raveeness, whoever she is, is also wearing green wraps around her back legs and silken wraps around her front. She definitely looks the part of  a Battle Master.

Her eyes, a deep shade of purple which matches her armor, narrow as she looks you over. "Not who you were expecting?" She questions in a voice which doesn't even try to hide her disapproval of you. "Then you haven't heard.. Rashemora was stripped of her status, and demoted to a rankless warrior for her betrayal. It was discovered she was not an ally to us, so I was asked to step forth."

After a brief pause she continues. "I am Miku-Nii, last remaining Battle Master from the South... I have seen for myself the destruction the Demons are capable of, and no matter what may change in the world I will never forget the lives they stole." Her upper lip twitches, and for a moment she looks ready to lash out at you. "Unlike Mayakashi.. I do not believe in relying on just physical strength. Abilities and powers are a great offense to have, but armor and weaponry are just as important... I expect any students of mine to be capable of handling themselves, I will accept no less."

"However," she drawls, "My position here is not to train you in the art of battle. It is simply to train you in the ways to further your connection to Orcle, to gain more abilities. If you come to me for abilities, you will not leave with my knowledge of warfare, but.. That does not mean in the future that I will not accept students to train beyond just abilities. For right now, however, it is all I am open to doing." 

With that she takes another pause, this one to allow the previous words to sink in. "For Ability seekers I only have a few restrictions which you must follow. First and foremost I will not accept students who are not of the Inner Dimension. Any Inter-Dimensional mixes who come to me seeking training must be more Inner Dimension than anything else. Undeads and Vanishings cannot receive training from me. Undeads.. You already have Sai to offer you training. And Vanishings, well, I can't do anything for you."

"Lastly, the Kat who comes to me must not have all of it's abilities. I will not train unique Abilities at this time." And with that she falls silent, having nothing more to say to you.

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Not Accepting.)

[ Note that Miku-Nii will accept up to two applications from one adopter for training each time she is open, but
ONLY if one of the Kats is an adult, and the other a cub. And please read the book before signing as I will leave a note in there saying when this closes. ]
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