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Inner Dimensionals  Air Types

- White or pale blue with black, white or brown markings. Air Kats are often born
without wings, but do carry the gene for flight. Their temperment can range from
peaceful to aggressive, or everything inbetween, depending on the individual. Prefer
mountain habitats.

Wind - White with pale silvery-white markings. They are the natural albinos, and they
are often born with feathered wings. Windy shores or mountains are often found within
their territories.

Cloud - White with cloudy-patches and purple markings. Can be born with or without
wings. Like the Wind Kat, Clouds prefer mountains or some high altitude area.

Sky - Light blue or green with white, brown or black markings. Either have white or
yellow socks on all four legs, and almost always have feathered wings. Sky Kats are
peaceful, but quite capable of defending themselves.

Sunset - Purple, orange, red, or any pastel-color with white or silver markings. Sunset
Kats are more active during the day than at night. Tend to be more aggressive than the
other Air Elements. Can live in any area.

Dusk - A powerful Element, the Dusk Kats were the Sub-elements that Sunsets
descended from. They were capable of  turning day in to night, and summoning the
powers of the galaxy to aid them in battle. After the Dimension Wars only one Dusk Kat
remained - Alista. Keeper Element - Extremely Rare.

Rainbow - White with rainbow-colored markings. Almost always born with black wings
with rainbow-marked feathers, and rainbow tufted tails. Born only to the mix of
Sky/Clouds. Rare.

Air Subelements Which Are Not Pure (Mix-Pure Elements):

Toxen - Smokey-black with glowing green markings. White, sightless eyes. The most
aggressive Air Element you could ever come across. Extended-Only Element - Extremely

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