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Inner Dimensionals  Earth Types
Earth - Brown, green, or yellow with green, yellow or tan markings. Earths are gentle,
but if threatened they are capable of collapsing an entire world.

Rock - Light, or dark gray, with black or gold markings. They prefer rocky habitats,
and are prone to having cold or anti-social attitudes.

Crystal - White, or pale blue/red with pastel-color markings. They are a Sub-subelement
of Rock, and also prefer rocky habitats. Unlike Rocks, however, their personalities are
closer to that of a pure Earth. Rare Element.

Plant - All shades of green with white or yellow markings. Plants are often found in lush
meadows or rainforests.

Flower - All shades of green with flower markings. Like Plants, they love meadows or
rainforest habitats.

Sand - Beige or tan in coloring with silver or white markings. Sands are capable of
withstanding any kind of heat, and thus prefer to call deserts their home. Often loners,
pure Sand Prides are hard to come by.

Mountain - White and brown fur with blue markings. Mountain Kats used to be
numerous, and dwelled in all of the mountains across Orcle's Isle. After the Dimension
Wars this element suffered such a great loss that only one of this Element remains -
Music.  Keeper Element - Extinct.

Nature - Brown, gray or green with black, gold or green markings. Nature Kats possess
wings of rock and leaves which are fully flight-capable. The commanders of Nature,
these Kats would be capable of ruling over the Wild, but only one of this Element exists.
Keeper Element - Extremely Rare.

Earth Subelements Which Are Not Pure (Mix-Pure Elements):

Weed - Dark green with black or darker green markings. Weeds have poisonous
spikey-leaves on their shoulder blades, and leafy-manes. Any eye color.  Extended-Only
Element - Extremely Rare.
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