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Inner Dimensionals  Fire Types

- Black, red, orange or yellow with black or red markings. Fire Kats can survive
anywhere, save for the extreme arctics, and are sometimes feared for their hot-tempers.
They'll attack without reason, no matter their age.

Ash - Blood red or gray with silver markings. Ash Kats are the most vicious of the Fire
Elements, they won't just attack without reason - they'll kill. Prefer dead areas.

Smoke - Black or gray with gold or dark gray markings. Smokes are rarely seen, due to
their rarity, but are to be feared. They are the masters of stealth, and could be upon their
victim before they were even aware of their presence. Rare Element.

Steam - Born black with firey markings, upon reaching adulthood the fur of a Steam
Kat turns ghostly-white, and their markings become black. Sometimes confused for
being Air Kats, which is a trait they often used during the Era of Fued to penetrate Air
territory. Aggressive, but not overly so.

Blue Fire - Black with silver or white markings. Blue Fires are easily identified by the
blue-fire socks upon their legs. They are the only Fire Element which is not connected to
heat, they prefer the cold and have frosty attitudes. Can be born with or without wings.
Rare Element.

Heat - Yellow or red with darker yellow-orange or red markings. Their fur has a natural
warmth to it, which to non-Heat Kats can be enough to burn one's fur. Wounding a Heat
Kat is a task often undesireable by most, as Heat Kats have lava for their blood. Deserts
are where they roam.

Lava - Black with firey-orange to red markings. Lava Kats are the masters of
destruction, back before the Dimension Wars they were often to blame for the
incineration of thousands of Valleys. After the Wars the Lava Kats were all but killed off,
with only one of the Element left alive - Emberuu. Keeper Element - Extremely Rare.

Light - White with purple or burgandy markings. They can be born with or without
wings. Light Kats are aggressive, and often avoided during the night due to the Light
Kat's dislike of darkness. Prefer tropical areas.

Dark - Black with purple or burgandy markings. They can be born with or without
wings. More aggressive than the Light Kats, Darks are often avoided at all times if
possible. The Dark Kats were once considered royalty, with the Battle Master Ruutak
being the leader of The Circle. Sometime after the Dimension Wars, however, Ruutak
stepped down from his status and the Dark Kats were no longer regarded with high
respect. Prefer caves.

Fire Subelements Which Are Not Pure (Mix-Pure Elements):

Flashburn - Burning red bodies, smoldering orange markings. Blackened paws,
flaming/burnt-away wings. Husks of a flash-fire.

Flare - Silver, grey, body with an ashen-sheen. Black markings, and with red-yellow
bright flaring markings. Not unusual to have flaming manes or tails.
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