The Guardian's Peaks, the fabled training grounds of Slayers and
Executioners who have chosen the path of the warrior. Rising to the
defense of their very right to exist, these individuals come to these
training grounds to seek the power to stand against the Shades.

 While training is sometimes beyond grueling, all those enter in to
the Ranks of the Slayers will find their time is wasted by the tasks.
Everything they learn is for their own survival, everything they leave
the Guardian's Peaks with is so that on that day they pass the Border
they will have a chance of returning alive.

 There are several Slayer Classes, all but two that are opened to any
and all who seek entrance into them. One needs only reach the
Guardian's Peaks to enter in to training.

"It is as we come to this moment, that my eyes see with the sudden
clarity -- Clarity of the years past when we did not have to hide,
when it was within our right to roam the lands free. And I know now,
with no hesitation, that I want it to be that way once more."
Battle Prides is Copyright 2002-Beyond Alicia Brons.
All images and text are Copyright 2005 Alicia