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Raveen Kat Gods
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Each Raveen Kat is born with an Ability, click on 'RK Abilities' to find out what they are.

Abilities are not things like Telekinesis and Telepathy, those are 'powers'.

An adult Raveen Kat can use it's abilities five times before starting to feel drained, while a cub will feel drained after using it's ability once. This is because power levels in an adult are higher then in a cub.

By 'power levels' I mean the amount of energy the Kat has to use for abilities before it starts to drain it's lifeforce.

When a Raveen Kat Adult uses it's abilities more then 12 times it will begin to fade, and die. This Kat will be resurrected in 24hrs, when it's energy returns, but it's power level will decrease making it so after it has used it more then 11 times it will begin to fade. There are ways to increase power levels, but they're secret ^.~

Raveen Kat Cubs start to fade after they use their abilities more then 5 times. It will be resurrected in 12hrs, but it's power level will be decreased by one, meaning after 4 times it'll begin to fade.

This was a simply precaution Orcle took to make sure a Kat didn't go 'ability crazy'.

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