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Raveen Kat Gods
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Raveen Kats live in groups called 'Prides'. Each Pride consists of a max of 8 Raveen Kat pairs. Most Prides do not go beyond 5 pairs, as ten members is more then enough To start a Pride you must have two pairs, a page for the Pride, and ranks for each member.

Ranks are, well, ranks. The male and female which start the Prides are called the Lead Male and Lead Female. After this ranks change, having to do with either what the Kat does or what kind of abilities it has. Ranks like these can be 'Healer', if it has a healing ability, 'Hunter', if the Kat likes to hunt, 'Gatherer', those Kats who gather information...etc.. And then there are the 'Protectors', there is usually only one Protector in each Pride, and it's usually the most powerful Kat in that Pride. The Protector does not have to be the Lead Male or Female, just it has to be powerful.

Male cubs born into the Pride have the choice to stay part of that Pride, or join a different one.
Females do not have this choice, once they reach adulthood they must leave their Parents' Pride and seek a different one. This is just the way things are.

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