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The homeworld that Raveen Kats call home is known as Ice Plains. It was once part of a enormous planet called Elemarenita, or just Elema. When the Magics grew too powerful Orcle seperated the planet into four parts, Ice Plains, Fire Plains, Earth Plains, and Tornadoe Plains. Only Ice Plains and Fire Plains still exist.

Fire Plains is inhabitated by Raveen Kats, but they're much different in looks and way more powerful then those that live on Ice Plains. Kuunanrah rules Fire Plains. Orcle rules Ice Plains.

Fire Plains and Ice Plains are not connected by portals, this is because travel between the two planets is not allowed unless the Kat who wishes to go there is powerful enough to hold it's own against these evolved Raveen Kats.

Elemarenita(Fire Plains/Ice Plains) is part of a galaxy known as Geyan. This galaxy was home to four planets until Elema seperated. Those four Planets were Elemarentia,a bare lifeless planet. Yein, the planet of lightning which is the size of Earth's moon, it's always surrounded by spinning rings of lightning. and Fitash, a dark barren planet which is home to the Nikaye.

There are three moons which fall into the orbit of Ice Plains, these moons are called Yi, Na, Li, which is actually named after Yinali, who was a former supreme god, who suddenly vanished one day.

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