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Mimics are Raveen Kat famillars which take on the coloring of certain Raveen Kat types. Each Mimic has one ability, usually the ability that certain type is born with. Of course a Mimic using an ability wouldn't be as powerful as a Kat using the same ability.

Mimics are mammal/wyvern/fish mixed creatures created by Kuunanrah. Centuries ago they used to be the size of bears, and heck they even looked like bears. They had huge wings and the same type of tails as 'normal' Mimics have today. Eventually they started evolving and shrinking down in size.

Some Mimic types evolved to get different looks. These types are commonly known as; Land Evolved, these Mimics look like snakes with Raveen coloring. Water Evolved, these Mimics are floating telepathic fish with Raveen coloring. Air Evolved, these Mimics actually look like swans and ducks and usually don't have Raveen coloring unless they have markings. Element Evolved, these Mimics are extremely rare and have 'elemental' type forms that allow them to turn into any of the four main elements, tend to have Raveen coloring and markings.

Of course then there are the Normal Mimics who look like rodents/wyverns/fish, these are the most common.
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