With the passage of time the enemies of the Inner Dimension have changed drastically. Where once those of the Void and Demon Dimension were enemies who would sooner kill an Inner than carry a conversation, there are now valuable allies. Although the occasional dispute, and death, do rise up between individuals that do not get along, on the large scale all Dimensions are part of the alliance. (Which means, even though the Dishonored are allied with the Inners, it doesn't mean they won't pass over a chance to spill some blood. It's just no longer a mass circle of hate.)

Besides all the Dimensions, the Demons - both Natural and minions of The Great Evil - allied against the Shades as well. With The Great Evil putting her own goals aside, She now seeks soley to destroy the Shades who have crossed her too many times. But even with her allegiance, the Guardian's Council is still wary of Neiarishta. It's no secret that if the Shades were gone that She wouldn't be part of the alliance.

The Guardian's Council is the most influential group of all. Carrying more power than the Gods themselves, those of the Council made all decisions concerning the wellfare of those in The Valleys and beyond the border. The Five Gate Guardians are the main voice, with Kantuur often being the one to have the final word. However, not everyone agrees with the way the Guardian's Council dictates the world. Many fear that in time the rule of the Guardian's Council may become absolute.

Aside from all Dimensions being allied, there are also sentient creatures from these Dimensions who have taken a stand against the deadly force that is the Shades. Zethn Dragons, Azama Spirits, Coraz Spirits, Graephs, Bukariens, and even Saols have put aside their dislike for Raveens in the hope that one day their worlds will be free.

Enemies come in many forms, and there is no main species to be noted other than the Shades, Shade Warriors, and all creatures found beyond the Border. There are many threats, many enemies in waiting, and only The Valleys are completely protected from these threats.
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