All along the Border, and between the barrier which now stands in the place of the old Border, there are Outposts and Plateaus which act as a warning system for Shade attacks. Outposts are found beyond the border, in the place where the old Plateaus used to stand before the Kaerai destroyed the first Border.

Now the Outposts are empty, save for a few healing shrines that Executioners and Slayers beyond the Border can make use of. One of these Outposts is the Demon Outposts, which can be found in the place where Demon Valley once stood. All of them are abandoned.

There are several Plateaus along the border. They are always inhabitated by a group of Executioners and Slayesr that are intended to be the first line of defense against the Shades should the border fall again. They are not believed to be victorious against an attack, but rather there is hope that they will survive long enough to let a warning call go out to The Valleys before the Shades have time to get there.

The Thunder Plateau is one of the most famous Plateaus, being in the place where the old Thunder Valley once fell. But it's status is nothing compared to the Orkana Plateau, which will forever go down in history as the first Plateau to be compromised by the Shades since the new Border was put up.

Just a few months ago the Orkana Plateau was attacked by Shade Magic which dessimated all but one the Plateau's inhabitants. It is because of a rookie's mistake that a Shade artifact was brought across the Border, and allowed to unleash hell. It is because of this that the Border was altered and more heavily enforced with barriers.

Plateaus are the first line of defense along the Border, and each allows for portal creation within it's boundaries. No maps are available for all of the Plateaus, but most follow the same basic setup as the Thunder Plateau.  They each have a communications area, a fused-Coraz or Azama Spirit,  training area, and a Healer's Shrine.

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