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Please read Information Below Image for further insight on prey animals.
The above image showcases the common Prey Animals of the Thunder Plateau. Please note at this time more information on the prey animals is not really important, and thus no further information will be added to this page at this time. In the future, if this changes, a more detailed analysis of the prey animals will be provided.

Hinnashrl ~ Far from docile creatures, the Hinnashrl are commonly referred to as the "devil's prey". They travel in large herds made up of three types; The Strong, The Grown, and The Young. The Strong are built with hard muscle and multiple antlers/horns that can skewer even the most talented of hunters if they're not careful - it's recommended to avoid The Strong at all costs if one is not a Slayer Class or above as The Strong are guaranteed to run amuck with Kats from the Past.  The Young are virtually untouchable, as they are constantly surrounded by herd members of the strong variety to ensure they reach adulthood (please avoid them; killing a young Hinnashrl will result in the entire herd turning against your Kat).   The Grown have antlers, but lack the muscle definition of the guardian-types of the herd, and are the only types of Hinnashrl that aren't guaranteed to pummel a Kat into a bloody heap. But please not that Hinnashrl are considered a Challenge for Slayer Ranks.  Take that into consideration, please, as the Thunder Plateau was not made to cater to time-travelling Kats :3

Melavete ~ Only found on the training side of the River, which makes these guys are hard catch indeed. The training side of the River, for those unaware, is made up of traps and obstacles to keep Slayers on their toes. Because of this it can be really hard to sneak up on a herd of Melavete. But on the plus side of things, unlike the Hinnashrl, they don't guard their young.

Resofa ~ Your common deer-type prey animal. They travel in herds, but will scatter at the first sign of a hunting party and can be hard to catch once they've broken into a run.
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