The Shades are the strongest enemies to have ever threatend the Dimensions. They existed long ago, mainly in the Inner Dimension, in the time that Ikaririshta had just made the Dimensions. Like the Vertian Hounds and Angelic Beings, they were immune to most forms of death. Upon the soil of Elemarenita the Shades and Angelic Beings were one in the same, until those who would later become Shades started to desire power. They turned on their allies, and sought to remove the Vertian Hounds from power. It was with the destruction of Elemarenita that the Shades were forced out of the Inner Dimension, and banished to an outer realm that was sealed by the power of those who died to send them there.

It was when Neiarishta, The Great Evil, began to tap in the magics of the Shades by turning young cubs in to Shade Warriors - intending to have them be her elite guard, as The Seven fell short of her expectations - that the seal was broken. The Shades gained access back in to the Inner Dimension, and struck their first claim upon the God Temple in the Land of the Lost.

Seers warned of the Shades destroying the world, and a small group of survivors from the Land of the Lost began to seek allies. But before this group could complete their mission fully, The Great Evil tried something more sinister to destroy the Shades. It backfired, and instead of destroying the Shades, it weakened the fabric between the Shades realm of banishment and the Dimensions. (Not to mention, it also banished those connected to Outer Realms from their Dimensions.)

After Rekura's War, the first strike of the Shades, the power and force of the Shades was seen at last. Rekura's War was overseen by only one Shade, who managed to devastate the Inner Dimension to near extinction in only the matter of days. It was only with the help of the Angelic Beings that Rekura did not completely wipe them all out, for a barrier - that would later be named the Border - was created that blocked Shades, Shade Magic and their Shade Warriors from entering.

Shades can take on any corporeal form, but in every form they take they always have markings above or below their eyes and on their forehead. They can never conceal or hide these marks, and that is why any Raveens born with similiar markings often scar themselves to avoid being mistaken for a Shade.

A Shade is a truly powerful being, and if ever a warrior crossed paths with them they would be guaranteed an end to their life. It would not be death that they would be given, but rather imprisonment in the many towers that feast upon the essence of mortals. Or worse, they would be forever changed in to a Shade Warrior.

Shade Warriors are not Shades. They are mindless servants of the Shades, who can be told apart by their polished white masks that conceal the exposed skulls underneath. When turned, a Raveen will have it's mind completely consumed by a Shade, and it's face ripped off. Once the mask is taken, a Shade Warrior is born.

Shade Warriors can be deadly, with the power to teleport in a fury of black sand, they can appear anywhere. And only silver can harm them. No amount of physical damage, or Ability/Powers, will even harm a single hair upon them. It is only silver that can penetrate their flesh, but if the wound is deep enough then only one hit from pure silver can be deadly to them.
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