The Valleys are the most peaceful place in all of the Dimensions. It is seen as a utopia for many, as no threat exists there. True to it's name, The Valleys is a large place consisting of many Valleys under the same rule.

Executioners constantly patrol this area, making sure that no harm comes to those within the Valleys. Should a Raveen have a dispute with another, and seek physical violence as a means to end it, an Executioner will step in and either removed the Raveen or kill it on sight. The Guardian's Council promise The Valleys to be a safe haven for those who did not wish to fight, and they fully intend it to stay that way - so long as their rule is followed.

Many in The Valleys are from other Dimensions, as the Valleys hold several Gates that hold an always open Portal to each DImension. So long as a Raveen is Blood Marked, they can come and go from the Valleys as they please.

At current, no maps are available for The Valleys, but they will be soon.

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