Every warrior who desires to go across the border, or stand guard at an Outpost, must train at the Guardian's Peaks for several years. After completing their training each warrior is given a title and class, and then sent off in to groups. Each group is led by an Executioner, 1st Class, and an Executioner, 2nd Class. A group consists of a minimum of 8 Slayers, and no more than 2 of each group can be from the same Order or Dimension.

Executioners are Slayers who have killed a minimum of three Shade Warriors on their own. 3rd Class Executioners meet the minimum requirements, while 2nd and 1st Class Executioners have killed more. Depending on how long they've been Slayers also affects their rank. Executioners can eventually become part of the Guardian's Council, and help to teach the next generation of Slayers.

Slayers are the basic warriors, but depending on their Class they can be ferocious warriors or gifted healers. Every group that goes beyond the Border has 8 Slayers, each of a different class, and at least one of those is a Slayer, Healer Class.

Some Slayer Classes Are;

Slayer, Combat Class
Slayer, Tactic Class
Slayer, Flier Class
Slayer, Elemental Class
Slayer, Guard Class
Slayer, Defensive Class
Slayer, Offensive Class
Slayer, Healer Class

There are also those who carry the rank of Healer. These individuals do not cross the Border, but instead are stationed at Outposts, or wherever they may be needed. Unlike the Slayer, Healer Class, a Healer does not specialize in both healing and combat.

Some Healer Classes Are;

Healer, Shrine Class
Healer, Seer Class

Executioners, Slayers, and Healers are not always Raveen Kats. Some are Demons, Azama or Coraz Spirits, and other sentient creatures that wish to see the Shades gone forever.
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