This is the Thunder Plateau/Future FAQ Only.

Q: So 770 years passed in what would have been a single day for my Raveens?
A: Yes. When Neiarishta's ritual fail all Raveens with a link to an outer realm were thrown back in to respective outer realms. To them it would have only seemed like the portals were closed for a single day, while in their homeworld it was actually 770 years. Your Raveens would not have noticed this passage of time while in your realm, so they wouldn't have aged or anything.

Q: Can my Raveen leave the Thunder Plateau?
A: Only after a Raveen, or Azama Spirit, is Blood Marked will it be able to leave the Thunder Plateau.

Q: How can my Raveen get Blood Marked?
A: A Guardian has to personally oversee it. So until a Guardian comes to the Thunder Plateau, no Raveens or Azamas will be able to pass through the Border or the other barriers in the area.

Q: Why can't they pass the Border or barriers without being Blood Marked?
A: It is a security precaution against the Shades. While a Shade can take on the form of the dead, it cannot take on it's blood or life essence, thus it cannot take the form of a Blood Marked and pass through the Border. Only the individual who is actually Blood Marked can do so.

Q: When will a Guardian arrive to do the Blood Marking?
A: Since a Guardian just finished checking up on the Plateaus along the Border, it will probably be a month or two before another one comes along. But don't worry, that doesn't mean your Kat will be stuck in a boring place ^_~  I mean, they are right next to the Border, and if a Shade ever decided to try to cross it, where do you think they're going to attack first if they succeed?

Q: Can my Kat just fly over the Plateau walls?
A: No. There are various barriers, both visible and not, set up that make it impossible for non-Blood Marked to cross. If your Kat tried, they would be pulled forcibly back in to the confines of the Thunder Plateau.

Q: How can a non-Blood Marked remain in the Plateau?
A: Plateaus are the only areas open to Portal Creations. And a lot of the Raveens coming from the Other Dimensions aren't Blood Marked when they first arrive. So it's made so that non-Blood Marked can remain in the Plateau, but they just can't leave it.

Q: Couldn't a Portal be made from the Plateau to The Valleys?
A: No. Portal Creations across the Inner Dimension are impossible since the Angelic Beings put up the Border. Portals can only be created in and out of the Inner Dimension, not across it, so as to prevent the Shades from easily crossing the Border.

Q: So a Shade could possibly go to another Dimension and open a portal there, then?
A: No. Shades cannot create portals to other Dimensions. They are bound to the Inner Dimension.

Q: Can my Kat become a Slayer/Healer/Executioner?
A: After s/he has been Blood Marked, and undergone the training necessary to becme a Slayer or Healer, then yes your Kat is more than welcome to do so. :D

Q: Can my Kat become a Shade Warrior?
A: Erm. No.  Shade Warriors are completely mindless soldiers who do not think for themselves, lack all personality, and only follow orders. Not to mention if your Kat became a Shade Warrior it would inevitably be killed, and there's no way to revive a dead Shade Warrior.

Q: Can my Kat join the group stationed at the Thunder Plateau?
A: If your Kat undergoes tthe necessary training to become a Slayer, Guard Class, then yes. Otherwise, no. Uunagari, Executioner, 1st Class, does not accept untrained warriors in to his station. So as long as your Kat is remaining at the Thunder Plateau he/she is only a guest, and not part of the warriors guarding the Border.

Q: How many Kats are stationed at the Thunder Plateau?
A: Officially, there are 5 Raveens. 2 Executioners, 2 Slayers, and 1 Healer. Aside from those there is one cub who survived the attack on the Orkana Plateau and was taken in by Athaluun. There are also two 3rd Class Executioners who come and go from the Thunder Plateau as they please, but they are not officially assigned to the Plateau.

Q: What happened to Thunder Valley?
A: Now there's a Question :D  I, however, cannot go in to full details because what happened to Thunder is very important. It will be revealed in time, but suffice to say the Valley was destroyed around the time of Rekura's War.

Q: What happened to the Guardian Sen found at the end of the Downward Spiral? It says Sevariuus is the Guardian of that Gate!
A: The East Gate is said to be a cursed Gate. No Guardian lives longer than 80 years once appointed to be it's Guardian. So in the span of time that has passed, many Guardians have taken on the title of East Gate Guardian, and later died from it. Currently Sevariuus is the Guardian tied to the cursed Gate... but for how much longer?

Q: Do Mimics still exist?
A: Yes, they do. But they have evolved over the years, and look slightly different from the Mimics your Raveens may have bonded to them.

Q: Only silver injures Shade Warriors?
A: That's right, only silver. And only if the attack is fatal enough. One cut from silver isn't going to do the trick, and many amateur Slayers are over-confident in their skills when they go out beyond the Border with silver. It's really not an easy task to kill a Shade Warrior, even with a shiny silver weapon. So you can pretty much guarantee that an Executioner isn't going to just be some creature who got lucky. It takes skill, real skill, to take a Shade Warrior down.

Q: What about Battle Masters? Are they still around?
A: Yes. Battle Masters are still around, and they do still teach Powers and Abilities. However they are not direct servants of the Guardian's Council, and thus cannot teach a Kat to become a Slayer. They are, in essence, a rogue group that teaches Kats combat for survival reasons in case the Border should ever fall.

Q: How long does a Raveen Kat live for?
A: It is well known that a Raveen can live up to 5,000 years before dying of old age --- as long as it's not killed before then. Very rarely does a Kat live to die of natural cause.

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