In the years the Inner Dimension was on it's own, cut off from all outside realms, it was forced to rely soley on it's own to survive. After Rekura's War the Inner Dimension suffered great losses to it's population. It turned to the other Dimensions for help, knowing that the Shades would eventually seek to destroy them as well. At first help came in the form of the Hate Dimension, who had already been helping Orcle's Order to fight the Shade threat. Slowly the other Dimensions followed, and after an attack upon the Void, the Outer Dimension, and The Great Evil, the three Goddess of Demons joined in the alliance. Four centuries have passed since all of the Dimensions have banded together, including the elusive Abyss and reborn Belief Dimensions.
With the help of the Angelic Beings, led by Antares, a Border was errected that cut through the center of Orcle's Isle. Within it's protected borders The Valleys exist, as do the open portals to all allied Dimensions. With the Shades main force in the Inner Dimension, each allied Dimension sent their greatest warriors to the Inner Dimension to help.
The Guardian's Council, a large group composed of the Gate Guardians and several top-ranked warriors of various Dimensions, began to train warriors to combat the Shades. Overtime, only those who had trained at the base of the Guardian's Peaks were allowed to pass the Border, for they were the elite. 
Everyone who came to the Guardian's Peaks would train in a pocket Dimension where time moved faster, and they would each be taught in the art of combat. They would be assigned Ranks, or Classes, and ushered in to groups led by Executioners once their training was complete.
There are many Classes for a warrior to enter, but at the base of it all warriors are always given the title of Slayer or Healer, followed by their Class type. One must be Blood Marked to enter training to become a Slayer, and dedicated to the cause of destroying the Shades.
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