The Border is the only thing keeping the Shades from completely overrunning Orcle's Isle and gaining access to all the other Dimensions. The Border was created by the Angelic Being known as Antares, who would not fight the Shades but offered to at least provide a place of safety for those who would. This place of safety is the northern hemisphere of Orcle's Isle, which is completely protected by the Border which cuts straight through the center of Orcle's Isle.

Within the confines of the barrier, no Shades may enter.

The Border itself is made up of visible red energy, with the only doors within it's glassy red surface being near the Plateaus. These 'doors', or gateways, are made up of what appear to red wings. When a group of Slayers are intending to pass the Border, these wings come to live and fold in on themselves, allowing entrance to those who wish to cross.

There is always one gate at ground level, and another high in the sky. The one up above is the largest, and made entirely for the access and exit of Zethn Dragons who cross the border. If the one in control of the Border is given orders to close the Border, these gateways will refuse to open and no one - not even a Blood Marked - will be able to cross through it.

There have been two Borders in existance since they were first embedded by Antares. The first fell a couple centuries ago, when the Shades discovered a weakness in it's frame. The instant it fell another Border was put up, just in time to stop a number of Shades and Shade Warriors from advancing on The Valleys.

The Border which stands now has been perfected, or is at least assumed perfected, and should protect those within from the threat of the Shades.   

.....but there are no guarantees that mistakes won't happen.

All images and text are Copyright 2005 Alicia Brons