The Season is the only Pass that leads to all the Plateaus along the Border. It is a truly dangerous Pass, and many vanish within the Season never to be heard of again. There are threats equal to what the Dishonored used to be along this Pass, but mainly in the form of the Soals.

Soals are large equines that always have black bodies, and manes of either red, blue, green or silver. They are elemental creatures that see The Season as a sacred place. Only Executioners are allowed passage without being challenged by the Soals, all others are believed to be killed.

20 years ago a few Executioners entered The Season to try and reduce the Soal threat, finding it nearly impossible to move herds intended for food between Plateaus with the Soals threatening the herders. The Soals of Earth and Air, with green and silver manes respectively, are believed to have been completely wiped out during this attack. Now only the Soals of Ice and Fire remain, but where they make their territory along The Season remains a dangerous ground to cross.

The Season is named such as the pass crosses through all four seasons on it's path. Some parts are always ocvered in an icy  winter, others a warm summer, dry autumn, or wet spring weather. The drastic climate changes are enough of a threat without the Soals making The Season all the more dangerous.

Even though it remains a threat, and a cause for many horror stories, The Season still stands. Many Executioners and Slayers see it as a training ground now, and see survivng it as a right to carry their respective titles. Should any future Slayesr wish to test their mettle, The Season is a good place to die courageously, but it's not recommended.

No maps are available of The Season, for the pass is always changing and best left a mystery.

All images and text are Copyright 2005 Alicia Brons